Immaculate Buick Gran Sport

More at This immaculately presented Buick GS has the rare Stage 1 kit with the 455 (7-litre motor). It's featured in issue 65 of NZV8 magazine.

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1970 Buick GS Stage 1 @ Motorcar Investments
This is an authentic Gran Sport Stage 1 car produced by Buick in very low numbers in 1970. The rare Stage 1 option consisted of a 455ci V8 with more aggressive camshaft, higher compression, unique cylinder heads with larger valves, a specially tuned 4 barrel Quadrajet carburetor, more aggressive ignition timing, 5/8 inch oil pickup tube and a higher numerical final drive. This Stage 1 was optioned with the firmer shifting turbohydromatic 400. It was rated at 360 hp/510 lb/ft torque. We have all the documentation from the Buick GS Historical Society which will go with the car. The car is in pristine condition inside and out having gone through a full mechanical and cosmetic body off restoration. This is a numbers matching engine car with the "SS" production code stamped on the engine block proving it is an authentic Stage 1 car. It is highly collectible, and rarely found for sale. This beast runs and drives as good as it looks and will give you an unbelievable thrill when you step down on the accelerator!! Take this opportunity to own and drive a very special car that will continue to appreciate in value.

9 Second Buick GSX Stage2 GS Stage1 9.51 @ 140
We originally built this car with Frank Urbinati back in 1996.It debuted at the GS Nationals where it won the GS Pro Street class races. It was also the 1st GS Pro Street class car to break into the 9's at the time.Thanks to Frank this project came to life. Fast forward to 2010 and the car has been taken over by Bob Ortolani,the car still looks great and Bob decided to bring it up another level. We were happy to have the car come back to our shop and to have the opportunity to work with Bob and put together the new powerplant. The video shows the results of our 1st day out to tune the engine. The 1st two passes were shakedowns to check fuel/oil pressures and get a feel for the new combo. By the 3rd run we had posted a 9.62 @ 138 hitting the 7100rpm rev limiter chip! The 4th run was a 9.52 @ 140. On the 5th run it went 9.51 @ 140.65! After a good cool down and a timing adjustment we were ready to try for a 9.40 run, launching right off idle the car gave us a nice big unexpected wheelie! The wheelie sure lookes cool but we know we can go quicker with a little more suspension work to straighten out the launch and try to keep the front down. We're sure it'll go into the 9.40's yet and maybe even 30's after everything is worked out.

GSXes....LOTS.....of GSXes...
Here's a pre-parade vid of the 2009 GSX Reunion at the National Trail Raceway in Hebron, OH. The Buick GSX reunion was part of the BPG Nationals. At least 83 GSXes were counted at the event. Yes it just rained before the vid was taken.