BMW X5 G-Power Typhoon Wrapped in Matte Grey Silver by DBX

Diamond Black Exteriors also know as DBX, specializes in vehicle wraps. While offering a myriad of services, we master the acclaimed "matte wraps". We are dedicated, experienced, quality-minded, and friendly. We have devoted ourselves to give our customers the finest in quality workmanship, reasonable prices, quick turn-around, and guaranteed satisfaction. For more information please visit

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BMW X5 xDrive40e vs Volvo XC90 T8 Inscription plug-in hybrid review -
Here's another comparison review that you guys have been waiting for! We compare the two hottest plug-in SUV in Malaysia now, the BMW X5 (F15) xDrive40e and Volvo XC90 T8 Inscription. Both locally assembled in Malaysia, making them quite a bargain to buy! So, which of these SUV is the car for you? The German sausage? Or the Swedish meatball? Read more here: #BMW #X5 #xdrive40e #Volvo #xc90 #T8 #inscription #phev #hybrid #SUV #supercharged #turbocharged #electric #power #premium #luxury #german #swedish #autobuzzmy #carreview #comparison #cars #review #reviews #isthiscar4u ---- Follow (@autobuzzmy) --- WEBSITE : YOUTUBE : FACEBOOK : INSTAGRAM : TWITTER : --- Follow our host GC Mah (@gcmah) --- FACEBOOK : INSTAGRAM : --- Follow our Chinese sister website 中文 (@autobuzzmycn) --- WEBSITE : FACEBOOK : INSTAGRAM : TWITTER : Music credits: Hi Malachi DJ Quads


BMW x5 hamann 670 hp

DEF System Case Study: BMW X5 Diesel - Part 1
Did you miss THE BEARD?? This case study is from a few months ago, and took a while to edit... We jump in the deep end with this diagnosis: It's Euro, it's a BMW, and it's a Diesel! And we're dealing with a fault in the Diesel Exhaust Fluid system, with only basic technical information available! This is an example of how we can use basic principles to reverse-engineer a system, figure out how it functions, and finally make a 100% definitive diagnosis. Of course, this process takes time. Some might call it "excessive overthinking" and an "unnecessary waste of time".... Personally, I see it as quality time in the science lab, where you can get first-hand experience and acquire more knowledge in one hour, than weeks of lectures in a technical school or formal training. In any case, when the suspected faulty part costs over $2,000, it is worthwhile to dig a little deeper. Take some notes and as always, Enjoy! I promise Part 2 will be a bit more exciting :) Ivan