Alto Turbo

This a Suzuki Alto turbo, it is a racing version made in Colombia of the japanese compact car.

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Suzuki Boulevard C50 Bobber Build FINAL DAY
WOOHOO It's DONE! And it is AWESOME! I LOVE the way it came out both in appearance and especially the way it rides! I think most of the difference is all the parts I replaced - new shock and all new bearings - plus the seat is OUTSTANDING. Absolutely perfect, you just float down the road in style! It finally stopped raining long enough to give it a wash, revealing the GORGEOUS white walls! I went down to the gas station to fill her up and had a blast through the neighborhood. I got the garage all cleaned back up, tools away (I really need a big tool chest now) and did the official 'after' photoshoot. I also go over the costs of the project in detail, plus talk about what worked well and what didn't so if you are interested in your own project you have a better understanding of what to expect. Oh yeah, I talk about some STUPID mistakes I made so you can avoid them. Big props again to BlueCollarBobbers for the excellent quality parts! Visit for all the new content! My Bike Reviews: nPmNKWHa My How-To Videos: 7UHNB6V0 My Vlogs: MXmsaVIj Gear Overview Videos: aB9fcUF2 All AIMExpo 2014 Coverage: sjWYRqK4 Leesburg Bikefest 2015 Videos: cOHaB9u- Police Motorcycle Competition: XgQY0I5S Follow on Facebook: Some music by Join My FJR Enthusiasts group:

Drifting a 240Hp Suzuki Hayabusa
Facebook : Their mission in life? Blazing rubber and riding their bikes hard as hell. And after they've had their fun, take things to the next level of course by super charging these deadly machines of beauty. Is it normal that I got tears of joy watching this video? I would love to see how many people go try to ride their bikes like this now. Please put a cage on it, before you do and make sure you wear your helmet! Watch below as these hooligans drift these INSANE High Powered bikes at high speeds and make sure you share on the Speed Society Facebook page so others can see the post as well. Facebook is changing things daily making it harder for us to get you sick car / speed related content.

Motor Suzuki Yes 125 Montagem paso a passo Cássio mecânico
Manuais de serviços para download grátis no meu Blog, Curta minha página no face: Neste vídeo você pode acompanhar todas etapas da montagem e reparos feitos no motor de uma Suzuki Yes -125. Serviço realizado na Kim Motos de Mirassol. Mecânico de Motos: Cássio Mecânico.

【WOT-100】 スズキ アルト ターボRS(2WD) 5AGS フル加速 suzuki ALTO turbo RS
アルトターボは、なかなか良くできてます。 ボディが補強され、足もしなやかなので、高速クルージ ングも余裕があります。ターボラグもあんまり分かりま せん。 シフトアップでは、どうしても駆動抜けが出ますが、ギ ヤチェンジでのショックを極力抑えています。シフトす る前からスロットルを閉じ気味にして、クラッチをつな ぐ時も徐々にスロットルを開けていく制御なので、普通 のMTならもっと速いかも。 今回は747Pro GPSアンテナを併用してスピードメーターエラーを測定し てます。 1名乗車 Dレンジ