74 ford econoline

1974 E200

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74 ford econoline part 2

1974 Ford Van Mural
An awesome Van from "Back In the Day" that I stumbled upon driving home one day.

my new 1970 E300 Ford Econoline Van (summer 2010)
SEE MY NEW CHANNEL FOR NEW VIDEOS - ANTIQUE VAN CAMPERMAN https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCveP_PrZM_pVFZRmd16vgsA This rustless beauty spent the past 40 years in the southern dessert of California....never saw rain. Lots of camping to do....

1974 Ford Club Wagon E100 Econoline Van For Sale!
www.539c.com Well-preserved van with 58700 miles on the original engine. Stored winters, the cool Mystery Machine is perfect for the hipster/surfer looking to get noticed.