1974 LeMans From "Moonshiners" TV Show

Meet Tim Smith, a moonshiner and hot rodder from Climax, Virginia. Tim came to fame late in 2011 when the Discovery Channel made him the subject of a reality show on moonshining in Virginia. Tim built the '74 LeMans himself, including the assembly of the 350ci Pontiac engine. Tim uses the Pontiac to run moonshine, and it does the job wonderfully.

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Being Tailed | Moonshiners
Tim and Tickle worry they're being followed by the law. http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/moonshiners/#mkcpgn=ytdsc1

Inside Tim Smith's Garage

Ford 429 on moonshine
The Revenoor Company built the distiller that made this moonshine. This truck had not been running for several years. We put on a new fuel pump and had it running of gasoline for a few minutes before sticking the fuel inlet line into a jug of 140 proof alcohol. When the alcohol gets to the carb you can hear the change in the Exhaust sound. Since I did not do anything to adjust the carb jet, I held the choke shut a little so that the air/fuel ratio for ethanol would work.

Moonshiner's Jamboree
White lightning. Bathtub gin. Bootleg. Hooch. Homemade liquor goes by many names, but in these parts its usually called moonshine or just shine for short. Over the years, the region has seen plenty brewed up in the thick of its hardwood forests, and plenty of famous moonshiners as well. In fact, the death of one of the regions most notable (or perhaps notorious?) moonshiners is what inspired Pittsylvania County resident Tim Smith to start the annual Moonshiner's Jamboree.