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Chevy Colorado Update 2, Bucket Seats, Custom Center Console.m4v

This is our update on the chevy colorado build. We had the seats made into bucket seats and are making our own fiberglassed center console. More videos to come.


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Custom Center Console in a 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser by Xcessive Trends
Designed and Built a custom center console for a 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser. 2 speakers and a stereo are incorporated with the console and an amplifier was installed under the drivers seat.

Work truck is finished! 1 IA 20.1 on 4 Obsidian 10s - Custom Fiberglassing - Ported Center Console!
SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE! Pioneer 8300 headunit 1 Incriminator Audio 20.1 powering 4 Obsidian Audio custom made 10s 1 Sundown Audio 100.4 running 2 Sundown Neo Pro 10s, 2 Sundown Neo Pro 8s and 4 Precision Power Pt2 tweeters 1 Roll of Audio technix Sound deadener Viper alarm I cant tell you how pleased I was with this build/install James did for me. I give it an 11 out of 10! It sounds amazing! The mids and highs are clear and crisp and insanely loud! The bass is very nice all around, smooth, not peaky, plays music like a champ! thank you so much! I had already included your tip before I even saw it in person because I knew I was going to love it! lol JP CHECK OUT THE WORK TRUCK INSTALL VIDEO HERE BY James A Taylor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEL6gz4w1yw www.down4sound.com www.facebook.com/JOHNATHANPRICE www.twitter.com/98HOEONSIXEZ You can purchase the song here http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lowd-slowd/id463857294 Its called slo rolla

HOW TO: Wrap Vinyl On a Center Console Cover
I wrapped my dad's center console cover in vinyl for his 1997 Ford Explorer. This process is applied the same way for almost any piece you want to wrap in vinyl.


Chevy Colorado custom blow through subwoofer box
2 Memphis 15s in 9 cubic ft box tuned to 31 hz off a Rockford 2500 installed at audio one. Theaudioone.com please check out my hair trick video from this truck thanks!

Custom Center Console in an 87 Chevy Silverado
In this video: Please excuse the video length and clarity. I do have photos of this and more of my work at www.facebook.com/cpdesigns1 . Custom center console / sub woofer enclosure. A Kicker Solo Baric L5 in a ported enclosure powered by Kickers ZX500.1 In an 87 Chevy Silverado. If you wish to see more pics of the build find me @ http://www.facebook.com/cpdesigns1 or go straight to the console build photos here . http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.647605088600182.1073741836.4150059 68526763&type=1

Custom Fiberglass Centre Console & Dash (Part 1 of ?)
Getting started on my custom centre console and dash!

2 15" Subwoofers Custom Fiberglass in Lowered Chevy Truck, Powerbass
Two Powerbass 2XL-15D subwoofers in a single cab truck. 1200W RMS. Custom built fiberglass enclosures, both sealed. No blow through. Built not bought. System not completely done. Waiting for warmer weather before finishing boxes and rest of interior.

chevy colorado turbo
chevy colorado turbo chevrolet colorado turbo diesel chevy silverado turbo chevy colorado turbo diesel chevy colorado turbo kit

The 66 Nova Project
1966 Chevy Nova custom center console and trunk. Will post a finished product video when we get done. thanks for watching

DUB Chevrolet Colorado Custom
DUB Chevrolet Colorado Custom in Vista, California, U.S.A..

How to fiberglass door pods - montero rebuild 14
a how-to on fiberglassing door pods.... got one structurally done, will do the other tomorrow, and finish them up tomorrow. stay tuned for more on the build

Center box for Chevy Truck Part1
Rick's Chevy truck center concole box 2 Kicker CVX 12s on a Hifonics 2400.

132789 / 1992 Chevrolet Stepside
For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/6paro6s Starting with what is arguably the best-looking truck in decades, this short-cab stepside 1992 Chevy was given a comprehensive makeover. The base color is vivid red, but there are so many layers of airbrushed graphics and custom paint atop it, that it's hard to know where to begin. The flame job is layered with white, yellow, purple, and orange licks, laid out in such a way as to make them look three dimensional, yet traditional. You'll note subtle ghost flames licking across the rockers, all the way back to the rear valence, which houses a molded-in license plate frame. Look closely and you'll be amazed by the amount of hand pinstriping used to outline the flames and to add depth and detail to the graphics—there must literally be hundreds of hours of work wrapped up in the finish alone. Power comes from Chevy's evergreen 350 sporting a modified tuned port injection setup. But the engine itself isn't really the story, it's just there to move the paint job from show to show, and with that in mind, it's beautifully rendered. Most of the hard parts that see some heat have been chrome plated, but anything that wasn't chromed was painted in more of that cool House of Kolor candy paint. It's also highly functional, with power steering, power brakes, and A/C, all of which operate correctly and use a newer serpentine belt system to keep everything spinning. The engine is backed by a 700R4 4-speed automatic, which makes highway drives easy, and it's tucked up tight inside the beautifully painted candy purple pearl frame. The stock rear end is still there, but now it hangs on a set of adjustable airbags and a custom trailing arm suspension, with the rear end cover painted to match the rest of the suspension components. And to complete the flame motif, a set of Colorado Custom billet wheels were whittled up that look like flames themselves, and wear 18-inch performance radials. Aside from the dashboard and gauges, there's not a single stock component inside this truck. The door panels are works of art, and the tan leather buckets are as comfortable as they look. A custom center console was fabricated to house a pair of cup holders, controls for the power windows, as well as the head unit that controls a $10,000 stereo system. The bed features custom molded panels to house all the stereo gear, including the amplifiers and crossovers, a plexiglass window to show off the custom rear suspension, and a matching spare tire. Over the top? Maybe. But you can't argue with the workmanship, which is simply phenomenal in every single way. With a build cost approaching $100,000, this is not your average sport truck. Every facet of the truck has been extensively modified, and even if you're not a custom truck guy, you can definitely appreciate the massive talent that it required to make this Chevy look this good. This is one of those vehicles that will stop people in their tracks at any show it attends, and the engineering makes it a machine that can be driven to shows, not trailered, giving you the best of both worlds. In the world of customs, this truck is not only amazing, it's an amazing bargain, too. Call, click, or visit http://RKMotorsCharlotte.com for more information and photos of this jaw-dropping custom truck.

In The Driver's Seat of the 2008 Chevy Colorado
The Driver's Seat TV puts you behind the wheel of your favorite cars, trucks and SUVs! www.TheDriversSeatTV.com

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