2nd Gear Gets Interesting in sleeper bug

Trying to keep it straight on stock vw 165 metric skinny tires is not always easy. Second run is 13.5

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The Red Baron 7.96 Pass @ IDRC Fontana 4.13.14. VW Drag Racing
We got to tag along with the Red Baron Crew at the IDRC race at Fontana on 4.13.14. They ran great, 8.11, 8.03 then a 7.96 second pass all in the 180mph range. Epic

Bad A$$ VW Bug
My buddy built a VW Bug that does under 12 seconds in the quarter mile. Enjoy

65 Bug vs Mustang
Bug smokes Mustang!

Most People buy a commuter, I build one
I built a bug to be driven HARD for daily use. Something that gets over 25 mpg, does 80 comfortably on the freeway, and built strategically with safety in mind. I spent many hours designing and constructing not just a cage, but a integrated frame. It now has heavy duty steel layered into the heater channels, connected to the torsion housing, and braced up against the front beam. A special BSCI SFI 45.1 Roll bar padding that is covered in a second layer of foam rubber designed for street use. This is not even a bug anymore its a little tank.