RetroStock June 2012

short clips of the retrostock trackday at mondello park.

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[Joe Gubb] - Togethia - Retro Stock Ireland 2012
Togethia - Retro Stock Ireland 2012 Togethia Media Services - - - Joe Gubb - Driver for Gub Sport Drift UK Follow Joe on Facebook - -- On our road trip with Retro Ford Magazine to Retro Stock 2012, we met up with Joe Gubb from Gubsport Drift UK. For many years Joe's Escort has been an easily recognisable car attending events around the country, including a variety of Track, and Action days. In 2013 Joe is going to be competing for the first time, and will be entering in the British Drift Championship. Although currently without a sponsor, Joe's driving talent easily matches many of those competing today. Joe's passion and drive to excel within the sport, coupled with his unusual choice of car makes him a firm favorite amongst the spectators. Joe is currently seeking support and sponsorship, if you feel you or your company would like to help share in Joe's success, please email Joe with the contact information on screen. -- The day was a very emotional and hard one for all. Joe put in 110% effort along with a solid half hour of sideways entertainment, Joe had to retire due to big end bearing failure. Since this video was made the car has already been repaired to a higher specification than before, which should allow Joe to provide with more sideways action this year and next. Follow him on Facebook - --- Audio - Feint - Snake Eyes (feat. CoMa) -- Filmed - Mark Henderson, Peter Farrow Edited - Sam Howell Producers - Pete Farrow Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Subscribe to us on Vimeo: and on Youtube: Togethia Media Services - New Blog! -- -

Mark Gillespie incar @ RetroStock June 2012
incar from the recent retrostock with Mark

N2?N3? AE86製作記録
プライベートガレージ(賃貸w)にて 3年5ヶ月の期間をかけ製作した、 N2風?のハチロク製作記録です。 AE86, N2, N3, 4A-G, private garage, making video,period of Three years five months