Tecnam P2006T Cockpit Start Up | Take Off | Inflight | Landing | Shut Down

Tecnam P2006T Garmin 1000 Cockpit - All variants In this video you will get to see all points of this great aircraft. First of all you will see how the engine is getting ready for taxi with start up, avionics check and atc information. After that we are cleared for take off on augsburgs runway 07 on a amazing blue sky flying weather. We only need about 500m and climb direct away to sierra 1 the outgoing point for Augsburg airport. Then we are going to climb to 9000 feet for the german alps with the outstanding mountain region. See some amazing views and enjoy the elegant tecnam in all situation. After the alps region we are heading back to Augsburg where we make a long and calm final approach to runway 07 with a landing distance of only 450m. Afterwards you can see the complete shut down process on this airplane. See all scenes of this aircraft in this video. There is no music in the complete video not to destroy the sound of the airplane. Feel free to rate, comment, surbscribe and share. Copyright Marc Ulm (Kingairflyer6) 2013 Contact: www.facebook.com/ulmphoto Email: ulm.marc@web.de

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Tecnam P2006T Engine Shut Down in Flight , VMC , and Stalls! Check Ride Prep
Engine shut down in flight, VMC demo, slow flight, power on stall, power off stalls, accelerated stalls and emergency decent. Check ride prep with our newest multi-engine pilot day before his check ride and only his second time flying the Tecnam P2006T. Fourth checkride in the new multi-engine program at Clover Park Technical College.

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As the Croft Flies visits Tecnam North America pilot Dave Lubore as he performs a walk around and flight of Tecnam's Rotax 912-powered P2006T twin during a visit to company's home base at the Hanover County airport in Virginia on 14 October 2009