My altered wheel base dodge final

hi everyone!!!! this is my 64 dodge 330 altered wheel base !!! i have finished it now WOOHOO.... i made the dizzy and plug wires also fuel lines.. i wanted it to look like a fresh build up for a mid 60's drag car... i know its been awhile for me to finish this build and i do know you have seen it before it was cleared HAHAHA... there is one stuff up in these photo's (please dont look) i forgot the radiator hose OOOOOPPPPPSSSSS!!!! SO PLS ENJOY COMMENT RATE AND SUBSCRIBE..... i have no idea why there is no music for some reason youtube wont allow it ( its there music )

More Videos...

Awesome run between the "BAD NEWS" Hemi Dodge and Ed Miller's "HEMI DUSTER".1/8th mile burnout!!

Charlie Allen's FX Car: The Atlantic Dodge Flyer
Willard, Rick and myself were honored to do this show with this famous Factory Experimental Drag 1964 Dodge Coronet. The Charlie Allen Atlantic Dodge Flyer. WOW! I orginally did a painting of this car for the owner (video of me doing the painting can be found on this site). When I told the boys I knew where this car was they "freaked" and now it is history. Hope you enjoy it because it is a peice of history, this was the beginning of funny cars.

my zombi hunter build!!
how is everyone?????? dont answer that HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !! this is my zombi hunter build.. i dont normally build these type of things but it was kool.. this was meant to be a quick build BUT as everyone knows that never happens HAHAHA!! SO PLEASE ENJOY AND SUBSCRIBE' RATE AND COMMENT!

RAT ROD commnuty build update 1
This is my rat rod build update 1.... OK OK OK before you guys shoot me down as you know i was doing the 51 chevy as my rat rod but it seams to be more of a kustom LOL.. there is still a few pics of it here but why i was waiting for the high fill primer to dry i pulled out my 32 that i started a while back and i got stuck into that. So there is a few pics of that too LOL.. The motor and wheels are from rommels rod and i scratch built a few other things on the car i cut the roof (have know idea how much).. it has bullet holes in the side rust everywhere..............