Live Steam V8 Engine

Live Steam V8 with Unit Steam Engines for my next project: Desert Truck or Crackerbox, we will see...

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Model V-12 Engine Runs
Check out this model V-12 engine! Gerhard Ullmann starts it up...and let's it run.

Stirling Engine Powered Canoe
Julian Wood's self-built triple transferator hot-air engine powers his canoe at Thames Traditional Boat Rally. 18th July 2009. Henley on Thames. Transferator engine is made from stainless steel food storage jars. Heat is supplied to engine from propane gas burner located below the hot-caps. One of two Stirling and hot-air engine powered boats taking part at the 32nd Thames Traditional Boat Rally, 2009.

V8 (?) on Steam
In my first video of this engine some people mentioned: it´s not a V8, and it´s not running on steam. Maybe it´s realy not a V8 - but it got 8 cylinders and now it runs on live steam!

Dampfsternmotor Steam Radial Engine
Gefilmt am 11.07.09 beim Dampfrundum in Flensburg. Wer mehr über das Flensburger Dampfrundum erfahren möchte, der klicke bitte hier: Flensburger Schiffahrtsmuseum: