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Suzuki GS1100 GSX1100 dragbike at the Dyno

The bopchop goes to the Dyno. This is the last run after setting up the carbs. Without Nitrous it made 158bhp. With Nitrous via a progressive controller it made 188bhp. http://gsxbopchop.blogspot.com


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Suzuki GSX 1100 E 1981
suzuki Gsx 1100. www.z1spares.com.au

GS1100E - 10.69 Quarter mile run
Heres me on my 1982 GS1100E Stock Wheelbase and a street tire First weekend on the bike, I got put up against this crank shop because of my crappy qualifier run, and he beat me but hey, it was my first weekend I was happy to make this good run.

Yoshimura GSX1135R Test run
Here's my custom built 1984 GSX1100 / GS1150. Custom braced frame, Hayabusa front forks, GSXR brake calipers, custom yokes / triple clamps, extended Yamaha XJR1300 swingarm, Aprilia Tuono R OZ Racing wheels, Keihin FCR39 carburettors, 4-1 Exhaust with custom link pipe and GP-styled muffler, WebCams .348" lift 254-deg camshafts, tougher valve springs and fully adjustable piggyback Öhlins rear shocks. The bike is still unfinished with quite a lot of temporary details. Needs paint and final carburettor tuning on a Dyno bench and some other minor details. Hope you enjoy! And if you're wondering about the black smoke - that's the accelerator fuel pump making the air/fuel mixture fat while standing still, doesn't happen when the bike is on the run.

1980 Suzuki GS1100E
The following is from Motorcycle Classics, "The GS1100E can truly be called the first "modern superbike" because of its use of a four-valve cylinder head with a narrow included valve angle and wedge-shaped squish band combustion chambers — technology first used by Cosworth in its race car engines. Suzuki called its version TSCC, or "Twin Swirl Combustion Chamber." It made the GS1100E the fastest bike on the strip when introduced in 1980, and good enough to be named Cycle World's Superbike of the Year for three consecutive years from 1981-1983." Read more: http://www.motorcycleclassics.com/classic-japanese-motorcycles/suzuki-gs110 0e.aspx#ixzz1XrG2IBnq

My 1980 suzuki GS1100 bobber JACK DANIEL'S part 2

Straight pipes on 1982 Suzuki GS 1100 GL
Bought this bike all ratted out not running for 300 bucks. The mufflers were rotted out so they were cut off for now till money allows for "new" mufflers. A lot of people with this kind of bike seem to wonder how it sounds with straight pipes. It's loud.

Suzuki GS1100E.wmv
1982 Suzuki GS1100E - Excellent Condition Survivor - Museum Quality I recently sold this bike to a great guy located on the west coast, I produced this video before the bike ships west to give him something to watch and enjoy while waiting for his new bike to arrive.



Motorcycle Dyno Run Drag Bike Hyabusa
Wes Nyce Nitrous turbo Suzuki Dyno

Craig Wood on a Heads Up Performance built Dragbike on PASS TIME - SPEED Channel
Craig Wood from Tucson Arizona riding a Suzuki GS1100 based 1428cc powered Dragbike on the Speed Channel game show PASS TIME. Heads Up Performance built the engine and converted the chassis from a GSXR 1100 powerplant to the GS engine. Craig has won three NHRA "Wally's" with this bike and won the track championship in Tucson in '07.

Barbon hill climb sidecar crash
Bike and sidecar lose it because of what looks like a chassis failure when the sidecar wheel lands. Watch the sidecar wheel after it touches down

suzuki gsxr1100 streetfighter vinicius
1100 streetfighter

Javier's '97 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Nozemmotorbike Custom Suzuki GSXR 1100 streetfighter スズキバイク
FIND US ON FACEBOOK. Dit geweldige project is gemaakt door Rene Looijmans. Als donor is de Suzuki GSXR 1100 W gebruikt. Doormiddel van een speciaal ontworpen kit is de Nozem zelf te bouwen. In dit fimpje de twee Nozem`s welke door Rene gemaakt zijn. De fotoshoot deden wij met model Shelly van Oostende. Meer informatie op Nozemmotorbike.com. This perfect in detail build custom Suzuki GSXR 1100 is made by Rene Looimans. Till sofar Rene Build two Nozem motorbikes. One black with grey and onr orange with silver. For more infomation you can visit nozemmotorbike.com スズキGSXR 1100カスタムストリートファイター

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