Suzuki GS1100 GSX1100 dragbike at the Dyno

The bopchop goes to the Dyno. This is the last run after setting up the carbs. Without Nitrous it made 158bhp. With Nitrous via a progressive controller it made 188bhp.

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RccVideo's Suzuki Gs1100 Dragbike at Thompson Raceway Park TRP E85
First time out on the new dragbike. GS1100 based Car Tire chassis. 1360 cc 11.25-1, stock 1150 head SS valves, 40 Mikuni's, running on E85.

Suzuki Drag Bike loud Pipes
70 sumthin' suzuki drag bike. loud pipes

Yoshimura GSX1135R Test run
Here's my custom built 1984 GSX1100 / GS1150. Custom braced frame, Hayabusa front forks, GSXR brake calipers, custom yokes / triple clamps, extended Yamaha XJR1300 swingarm, Aprilia Tuono R OZ Racing wheels, Keihin FCR39 carburettors, 4-1 Exhaust with custom link pipe and GP-styled muffler, WebCams .348" lift 254-deg camshafts, tougher valve springs and fully adjustable piggyback Öhlins rear shocks. The bike is still unfinished with quite a lot of temporary details. Needs paint and final carburettor tuning on a Dyno bench and some other minor details. Hope you enjoy! And if you're wondering about the black smoke - that's the accelerator fuel pump making the air/fuel mixture fat while standing still, doesn't happen when the bike is on the run.

GS1100E - 10.69 Quarter mile run
Heres me on my 1982 GS1100E Stock Wheelbase and a street tire First weekend on the bike, I got put up against this crank shop because of my crappy qualifier run, and he beat me but hey, it was my first weekend I was happy to make this good run.