Fire Breathing, Flame Spitting Cosworth

Video taken in 2007 Convoy leaving Newcastle for a cruise at Middlesbrough.

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400bhp Sapphire Cosworth vs 300bhp RS Turbo
400bhp Sapphire Cosworth vs 300bhp RS turbo

sierra cosworth 3dr vs audi r8 v10 spyder

MUSTANG CRASH + Classic fords Accelerate after show
ANYONE WANTING TO USE THIS VIDEO CAN ONLY USE THE START OF 1 MINUTE OF IT WITH MY PERMISSION AND WITH MY LINK ON IT Classic fords Accelerate after meet + Mustang CRASH Boxhill classic ford meet up 2017 drifting ford Ford Mustang crash fast and furious 8

Ford Galaxy 'RS' - MAD FLAMES next to police car!
Facebook: Err...well... this is certainly unique! I attented the Gumball Get Together at MSL Performance in Birmingham and one of the cars there was a custom Ford Galaxy, styled on the Ford Focus RS, which also shot wild flames! Flickr: Tumblr: