401 AMC Pacer Vs 440 AMC Pacer

My 1978 Pacer (black one) with a built AMC 401 and 5-speed manual transmission versus a 1976 Pacer with a Mopar 440 with a 3-speed auto at Bristol Dragway in Bristol, TN on June, 12 2009 as part of the 2009 Hot Rod Power Tour. My dad was driving in this run, and unfortunately could not get the rear tires to hook up. The Red White and Blue Pacer hooked up, and thus the result. Winner: Red White and Blue Pacer with a 13.72@101.85 followed by our car with a 14.54@96.36. Well work on the car, find a way to get her to hook up, and well be back again. 13s shouldnt be a problem and itll give us something to aspire to. Also, please excuse the sub-fanatics level of camera work...this was me behind the camera as Dan did not come with me on the Power Tour.

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1976 AMC Pacer. Pontiac powered 10-second drag car.
I built this Pacer in 1987 and sold it in 1995. At 3100 lbs, best ET was 10.85 at 125 with 1.44 60 ft. Always foot-braked, never on Nitrous, always fun. Car is now in Kenosha. Please RATE this video of my Pacer at the drags. Thanks!

Pacer Roast smoke out
smoken the tires on my AMC Pacer!

Top Gear AMC Pacer
Top Gear AMC Pacer

AMC drag racing at Great AMC Day in Hebron Ohio
AMCs get it on at the Great AMC Day in Hebron, Ohio. Great Trails dragway