Sam Morgan on Trademe's adverstisers being dumb

Sam Morgan from (New Zealand's eBay) speaking at a conference about better design. Interestingly- he refers to his advertisers lack of knowledge at the end of this video.

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Trade Me Top Seller - Gazza1234
We asked one of our Top Sellers if we could take a sneak peek inside his business operation. He kindly obliged and our mates at Socialize popped 'round to his place for a chat. This video gives you a behind-the-scenes look at one of Trade Me's biggest sellers. He's a top bloke and is more than happy to share a tip or two about how he gets it done! Trade Me: Socialize: ---

Sam Morgan - Why live and work in New Zealand? (18/24)
Sam Morgan is best known as the founder of Trade Me. In this video series -- A conversation with Sam Morgan -- he discusses his experiences as an entrepreneur and philanthropist and answers questions from the participants of LongTermNZ on business, education and future thinking. The LongTermNZ workshop brought together 27 young people to draft a Youth Statement on New Zealand's Long-term Fiscal Position. Participants attended the two-day conference, Affording our Future, on Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 December, which was hosted by the Treasury and Victoria University of Wellington. For more information visit: Filmed at the McGuinness Institute, 13 December 2012 Filmed by Niki Lomax and Bryson Rooney Edited by Bryson Rooney The McGuinness Institute is a non-partisan think tank working towards a sustainable future, contributing strategic foresight through evidence-based research and policy analysis. The Institute is based in Wellington, New Zealand. Learn more at:

Trademe Module - Instantly sell your products on trademe!
SoEasy Accounting has recently released a new addon module allowing you to submit all of your products within your products register/database into trademe, instantly! This module will allow you to select individual or multiple products, select the auction options ( extra features ), input the auction buy now, and auction start pricing - The module calculates how much all of your auctions will cost with a total... Using this trademe module to publish your products onto trademe will improve your exposure and sales in a small amount of time... Contact us if you have any queries - / PH: (NZ) 07 572 1821

Sam Morgan launches Trade Me One News
one new segment where they talk about the launch of trade me