Lamborghini Aventador INSANE Accelerations and Sound

This is all the Lamborghini Aventaor(s) I spotted in Monaco during Top Marques 2012. There are tunnel runs, start ups, revs, accelerations, be careful not to kill your ears during this video :D Enjoy this pure V12 !

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1,250HP Twin Turbo Mansory Carbonado Aventador LOUD Start Up and Driving!
I recorded in Monaco this incredible Lamborghini Aventador Mansory Carbonado Apertos. It's the "Carbonado" version of the Aventador roadster. It's the most violent looking car I've ever seen I think. The sound is also extremely loud as you'll hear! Enjoy!

700HP Nissan GT-R Monstaka Launch Control and Insane Accelerations!
During my visit at Monstaka, we took this 700HP Nissan GT-R for a ride. Stuck a GoPro on the head of the driver and pushed the throttle to the floor! The car is decated and straight piped, that's why it's insanely loud. Launch control, full throttle accelerations, downshifts, we did it all. Of course, this video was shot in a foreign country. Don't forget to visit Monstaka's website, they don't tune only Nissan GT-R's but a lot of different cars, small or big! Enjoy!

Aventador & Scuderia INSANE Revs, Flames and Launch!!
Top Marques Monaco is beggining and yesterday night, some cars of Luxury Custom arrived to make some show! That includes revs, flames and launch from the Lamborghini Aventador, and the Ferrari 430 Scuderia! Both are fitted with straight pipes Exhaust, yes, pretty loud. Enjoy!

LaFerrari vs Ferrari FXX Start Up and INSANE Acceleration!
In this video, you'll see a matte white Ferrari LaFerrari and a yellow FXX, both starting up, then leaving the car park in Miami with a full throttle launch! Which one is your favourite? Huge thanks to my friend Max for providing me this video, make sure to check out his Facebook page : Enjoy!