vw mk1 cup racing rabbit gti

Look! Rabbits chasing each other!!

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2014 Apex Festival - VW Golf Mk1 & Porsche 944 1st Lap Incident
2014 Apex Festival @ Lydden Hill Race Track in Kent. James Wotton in his VeeDub Performance Porsche 944 has a coming together with a black VW Mk1 Golf. Who is to blame.........you can make your own mind up Please like the videos, subscribe, check out my facebook page and contact me if you are looking for a video of your vehicle. I may just have one :) https://www.facebook.com/VeeDubRacing

Top gear Golf GTi Mk 1 and Mk III
Top gear Golf GTi Mk 1 and Mk III Plus Pug 306 GTI

berg cup (bergrennen) Rennsteig 07 may
German Hillclimbing with old and new racing cars

The Ultimate 1983 Rabbit GTI Project - part 41 (Completed VW ABA-ABF/9A 2092cc 12:1 Engine)
I drove from Vancouver, Canada to Techtonics and Josh's engine shop in Sheridan & Amity, Oregon over the past 2 days and picked up the completed 2092cc ABA-ABF/9A engine (ABA block, ABF internals: 95.5mm crank, custom rods and 12:1 pistons, 9A head, oversized valves with 5.5mm stems, 288 race cams, lots of porting, etc.), SS 1-3/4" 4 into 1 race header, 020 transmission, SS Exhaust system, 100mm axles/hubs/spindles, and lots of other parts and drove them back home in the back of my Prius late at night! Josh really pushed to get the engine completed for me and I am very thankful for his late nights and careful work. He did an excellent job of profiling the combustion chambers to match the piston domes and ended up with a compression ratio of 11.8:1 which should run on 94 octane pump gas without octane Boost when the weather isn't too hot (the sport cams have enough duration and overlap that they bleed off some of the compression at lower engine rpms). We will Dyno it and expect 240hp at 8000rpm with the 288 degree TT solid lifter sport cams with DLC coated lifters. We will also add 60hp with a dry flow progressive Nitrous system for a total of 300hp. This should add up to 6lbs/hp in the car if it weighs in at the expected 1800lbs. What a beautiful engine ... You might want to check out the VW Vortex Thread on this project at: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?5936526-Building-the-Ultimate-198 3-Rabbit-GTI-%28vw-mk1%29?5936526-Building-the-Ultimate-1983-Rabbit-GTI-%28 vw-mk1%29 You can also check out my web site on this project at: http://derekspratt.com/HTML/Automotive/1983_Rabbit_GTI_2_Overview_Goals_Spe cs.html