Mercedes Benz S550 - How to Install Air ride strut. (2007 yr) 2/2

Fixing the OEM Front Air Ride Strut on a Mercedes Benz 550S.This video explain how to remove and replace the A-r-Ride Strut on the mercedes Benz ABC - Activate Body-Control platform.

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Mercedes Benz S550 - How to remove Air-Ride Strut. (2007 yr)1/2
This video will SHOW you how-to fix any ride-control system.We explain Replacing the Front Air Ride Strut on a Mercedes Benz 550S with ABC - Active Body Control System.If the Air-ride system become defective or fail to operate properly.The car will experience drive-ability issues.It is recommend, that automobile be Flat-Bed service to a safe working area. "DO NOT TOW" if system deflate or car lower beyond normal standing condition.

This video show How-to replace a pneumatic strut assemble on a Mercedes Benz (car). The system is design to maintain compress Hi-pressure air at all fore air chamber inside the Pneumatic strut.The video also illustrate the suspension ride-system sensors and cable connection. Most of all OEM(factory) auto maker design are similar in application. You may View the original content in to parts @ - total length:1:54 - total length:3:03 application can be found in : Jaguar , BMW, Mercedes Benz, Roll-Royce , Cadillac , Lincoln-town & continental Cars PLEASE -- RATE - COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE. THANK YOU..

How to replace front strut in a car . Buick (2000 yr) Park Ave 3800 series II -PT 3/3
Installation of a 2000 yr Buick Park Ave front wheel drive suspension Strut.This application is the same(1997-2006)for Park Ave Ultra(supercharge) Grand Prix Monte Carlo Regal Oldsmobile Bonneville.All W-Body and H-Body.Some Ultra are equip with electronic(wires at top of strut shaft) or air ride(Air line at the top of strut shaft) strut. the knuckle on a strut-type suspension is mounted on the shock absorber. Sometime they are referred to as Macpherson strut. Strut type front suspension became popular on production cars in the 70's because they offered a simple and inexpensive configuration that doesn't take up much space. It is particularly well-suited to front-wheel-drive production cars, because it allows room for thr front drive-axle to pass through the front hub. Most of today's small cars use this type of front suspension, because it is inexpensive and gives a fairly good ride quality with the compact dimension needed for front-wheel-drive cars. DISADVANTAGE. Except where it might be required by the race-sanstioning bodies in production-based classes, such as showroom stock, it probably won't be used on many race cars. One of the problems with a strut-type front suspension on a race car is that there isn't much room for wide tires and wheels without increasing the scrub radius. Increasing the scrub radius causes a big increase in the side loading of the sliding members, which cause bending and higher friction loads. Another problem that concerns racers is that there is little camber gain possible with this type of front suspension, the swing arm lengh is reasonable and the roll center height and swing arm lengh, the lack of sufficient camber gain keeps this type of front suspension design from being suitable for race cars. Another problem with a strut-type front suspension is that it requires a high cowl heigh to provide sufficient room for the tops of the struts. This can be a problem when building a low-profile race car. Honda has quit using strut-type suspension on its production cars for these same reason. They apparently feel that it is worth the increase cost to equip their car with superior double A-arm type of suspension. Strut-type front suspension is used on some low-cost cars that offer high performance, but it is done to reduce cost, not for any handling advantage.

How to Install a Car Radio (Pioneer Touch screen Remote Control DVD Reciever In-Dash unit).
How To install Pioneer AVH-100DVD multi media entertainment radio unit. Here we take you on a tour at replacing a automobile(Nissan) AM/FM CD Radio Device with a Pioneer AM/FM CD/DVD MP3 touch screen multi media entertainment display unit. Also know has a Radio reciever unit. This video explain most of the know how, when it comes to upgrading audio for moblie use. The video explore most of the basic at installation of car radio. This pioneer Radio can also be connected to PDA, Smartphone and external Hard Drive with a included charger wire at the rear of the reciever unit. Connect your Samsung, Iphone, Android or other MP3 external storage device with simple plug-in. You should always consult the service and installation manual of the device to be install in comparison to the vehicle service manual. Failure to understand or acknowledge the application may lead to fire, eletric shock and damage property. This is a amateur installation, so it is always best to seek professional assistance when performing such procedure. The video tutorial remain identical to most manufacturers application and specification not to be confuse with home entertainment sound system. This audio reciever entertainment unit is been install into the 2004 Nissan Frontier XE. This installation is similar to most Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, VW, General Motor, and many other make and model. SAFETY ALWAYS FIRST: You should never operation or view media on you radio recieve unit while driving or operating vehicle or vessels. Multi tasking can lead to DANGERIOUS action, always have a passenger in control of your listening device and always keep your eyes on the roadway . STAY SAFE, STAY ALERT and STAY TUNED.