airrunner airsuspension TC-5 series w/ SWIFT VALVE CHRYSLER 300C HEMI ACCinc

CHRYSLER 300C 5.7 HEMI / ACC airrunner + 22" Giovanna wheels airrunner airsuspension [ TC-5 SERIES ] w/ HI-SPEED SWIFT VALVE by ACCinc TC-5 Winding roads and country lanes have never been so fun. A sleek digital interface is paired with 5-way adjustable shocks to make suspension adjustments as simple as pressing a button from your driver seat. WEB SITE: /

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CHRYSLER 300C ACC airrunner airsuspension w/e-LEVELING system
CHRYSLER 300C 5.7 HEMI ACC airrunner airsuspension systems TC-5 Series e-LEVELING SYSTEM / DIGITAL GAUGE / 3/8 AIR-LINE / DOUBLE 380C COMPRESSOR FORGIATO OTTO F:22" R:24"

Unboxing of Accuair and D2 air suspension Plus How to install for 2010 Toyota Corolla
Here we have a 2010 Toyota corolla that came in for a air suspension installation. customer bought the D2 Basic air setup but wanted a better management. She went for the Elevel Accuair. you will see complete unboxing for both setups and installation. ENJOY!!!!

2010 SEMA - Control Air Runner Suspension (Car) With Ipod/Iphone/Ipad Interview and Demo interviews Samson at the 2010 SEMA Convention in Las Vegas, NV about the Air Runner Suspension System. Besides for the smooth ride, you can control the suspension on your car with an Iphone/Ipad/Ipod Touch.

300C air suspension & 22inch wheels install
CHRYSLER 300C Diesel Suspension : Performance Garage Air suspension S type (accuair air suspension) Wheels : Lowenhart LDR 22inchs - Front 9J off +4 / Rear 10.5J off +3 (300C only) Tire : Hankook tire S1 evo 265-30-22 Performance : itg Air intake open filter ETC : ECU map seting - 237.44hp / 56.51kg.m Tune by Director by visual-J (