cdj 800 djm 800 ten minute mix, house

just a few songs i put together quickly.. little rough in some spots.. tell me what you think!! p.s excuse the sound its straight of the camera microphone.

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What DJs REALLY do
PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON SOUNDCLOUD: FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK: Check out my latest progressive house mix: Or what they SHOULD be doing with their time, when they are not playing a pre-recorded set! After the video of Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki, and Sander van Doorn from a festival went viral, where all 3 were "DJing" together, and Art Department criticized them for it, and someone made a similar video of them to a make them eat their words, I thought it would be fun to show people what DJs REALLY do, or what they SHOULD be doing instead of playing air guitar, twiddling knobs necessarily, or generally doing the same thing the crowd is doing but in the DJ booth. For everyone that has been asking, the tracks are: 1) Hot Since 82 - Knee Deep in Louise 2) Green Velvet - Bigger than Prince (Hot Since 82 remix) Also, some shameless self-promotion: check out my SoundCloud page at to hear some tech house, techno, and dark/deep progressive mixes. CHECK OUT MY NEW WEBSITE -

Mix Live CDJ 800 DJM 400

Beginner DJ: How To Beat Match and Mix on Pioneer CDJs
Check out for more reviews, DJ T-Shirts and more. UK DJs check out Sparx from Hard As Nails Records shows you how to beat match and mix on CDJs. Perfect for beginner DJs who want to know the details of beatmatching and doing simple mixes using CDJs. Watch the whole video to see how to beat match and learn tips and tricks on how to do it. Like the music in the video? Buy it from Subscribe, share with other DJs and leave your comments below!

cdj 800 djm 800 ten minute mix, house #2
another little mix of some prog and techy house.. just played with the video recorder going and the stop watch on the iphone to tell when 10 minutes was up.. so excuse the messy bits.