HID startup II

Starting and warmup of a Philips 35 watt D2R Automotive Xenon-Metal Halide HID lamp with the reflector removed. This type of lamp is commonly used for headlights in luxury vehicles such as Mercedes, BMW, or Lexus. Automotive Metal Halide lamps are commonly called "xenon lamps" due to the presence of xenon gas used to fill the arc tube. The xenon gas allows these lamps to provide a minimally adequate amount of light upon startup. If this lamp was filled with argon instead as is commonly done in street lamps or other stationary HID lamps; it would take several minutes for it to reach full brightness vs 30 seconds.

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400W HQI (METAL HALIDE) LAMP - START UP (using plasma ball)
Lamp is 115V / 4A / 400W / 34000 - 35000 lumens. The tube inside is made of fused quartz and the outer UV and heat protection glass is borosillicate. Temperature on the outer tube is up to 500°C so it's really unsafe to touch it while it's operating. Thanks for watching, please rate, comment and subscribe :D

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step by step instructions for removing bumper and replacing the HID lamps DR4

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