How to replace a key ignition switch on a 1988 Monte carlo

replacing the key switch for a 1988 monte carlo, its the same for any GM car/truck from the 70-90's without an air bag

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86 Box Chevy "Ignition Cylinder Install" (Pt. 1)
The ignition had broke in the chevy, I have no clue what happen or how it happen but I went and got a new one and I picked up a ne battery also and here the install of a new cylinder ignition

How to change a Lock Cylinder on a Non-Airbag GM Column
In this video I replace the lock cylinder on my 1990 Buick LeSabre step by step. I hope you find it useful.

Ignition Lock Change w' Dent Puller {FAST WAY} on a '78 El Camino
Ignition Lock Change with Dent Puller (Slide Hammer). This was actually the preferred methods of removing and old ignition lock cylinder, even at the GM dealers, since it was a lot faster than taking everything apart and using a special tool. You do need to have a screw that fits exactly into the keyhole for this to work smoothly with no problems. I used to work with people that did body shop repairs and painted cars at the dealership. Using the slide-hammer was the standard way to change out an ignition lock at the dealership. For the older 1970's General Motors (GM) cars such as Chevy, Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Buick this method works excellent. I will loch the steering wheel on this car with a big padlock and thick cable when I park somewhere else to help prevent theft. Demon Carb on a '78 El Camino, 350, 4 speed , posi Ignition Lock Change w' Dent Puller {FAST WAY} on a '78 El Camino How to Change Power Steering Pump Oil '78 El Camino Hauling Concrete for the Putin Cat Tower (Cat Tree) 1978 El Camino - Troubleshooting Horn Wiring & Relay Super-size Battery for the '78 El Camino !978 El Camino, old work truck Remove Windshield Trim w' Good Cheap Tools Headliner Idea for the EL CAMINO El Camino Exhaust System, New & re-use the old Reseal Tire w' Bead Seal on '78 El Camino '78 El Camino, Resealing Front Windshield, Kill Rust, Stop Water '78 El Camino Valve Cover Gaskets, Even Simple Stuff can take TIME COOPER Winter Tires, USA Made, USA Owned, '78 El Camino Install Tips '78-'87 El Camino, Install Stock Gauges, dash lights & Fix Tach '78-'87 Chevy Location of Power to Dash Gauges from Circuit Rare El Camino, Factory 4 speed, Posi, Bucket Seats Water Temp Gauge problem solved, '78 El Camino 1978 El Camino, Small Hard to Find Parts 4 Speed Saginaw, shift shaft seals, '78 El Camino '78 El Camino, Reliability, Battery Cables & Rotor '78 El Camino, Repair Clutch Linkage & Z bar How to make your Brake lights BRIGHTER '78 El Camino - Fix a Small Dent 1978 El Camino, Tach removal & typical repair stuff millennials need to know, Things millennials don't know, millennial survival tips

General Motors Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement
Seems confusing, but its not when you get into it. GM lock cylinders have a tendency to wear out to the point where a key is not necessary to start a vehicle. Door lock cylinders work different when they are wore out, in most cases with door lock cylinders the right key wont unlock the door.