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How to replace a key ignition switch on a 1988 Monte carlo

replacing the key switch for a 1988 monte carlo, its the same for any GM car/truck from the 70-90's without an air bag


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Hot Wired! Ignition Switches
Video showing ignition switch wires used on a 63 and 64 Cadillac. Includes showing how to hot wire and add an aftermarket switch.

DIY: How To Install Aftermarket Steering Wheel
DIY: Instructions on how to install Forever Sharp Steering Wheels with an A01 kit (aftermarket columns, most GM/Chevy vehicles, trucks).

1976 GM Tilt Steering Column Repair July 2012
1976 GM Tilt-Steering Column Repair, a familiar problem with a familiar similar solution... Please watch and be entertained...

How to change a Lock Cylinder on a Non-Airbag GM Column
In this video I replace the lock cylinder on my 1990 Buick LeSabre step by step. I hope you find it useful.

GM How to Replace Ignition Lock Cylinder
Buick Lesabre, Park Avenue, Chevy Monte Carlo, Caprice, Malibu, Olds 88. Any 90's GM car into 2000's. If your Security Light is Flashing and Your Car Won't Start, or Crank...Look into This as The Solution!!!

89 Jeep Cherokee Ignition Cylinder Lock Issues.

Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement (late model GM Trucks)
View Standard's instructional video to learn how to replace your vehicle's ignition lock cylinder. This video should be viewed prior to product installation and will show you how to change the ignition lock cylinder in a late model GM truck. This video covers part numbers: US-214L, US-226LK, US-227LK, US-287L, US-312L, US-329L, US-337 Visit us at: http://www.standardbrand.com

How to diagnose a bad starter, ignition, neutral safety switch!
The re are 3 wires or electrodes on all starters. One is the large bolt that is attached to the main positive battery cable. One is the small wire that is sometimes purple that is attached to the ignition switch "key". And one is just a copper wire or electrode that supplies a ground/power to the starter from the solenoid.

1991 F150 Remove steering wheel to replace/repair key and tumbler
Key would not turn forward to start the car. I had to remove the steering wheel to drill out the metal button holding the key and tumbler set in. Normally, you can turn the key to start and insert a long rod upwards through the hole on the lower side of the steering column to press the button which releases the key and tumbler. Since my key would not turn forward, I had to take the steering wheel off to fix it.

Changing turn signal lever in 87 GMC Jimmy
The cruise control didn't work in my 1987 GMC Jimmy, the wires were frayed going to the cruise control switch on the turn signal lever so I replaced it to fix the cruise control, works perfect now.

Ignition Fix EASY GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado
How to fix ignition in GMC and Chevrolet trucks and cars. This is one way to fix a very complicated electrical system in the Chevrolet and GMC cars and trucks. Some are easy fixes with loose or bad electrical connections. Others involve the ignition switch itself, and others involve one of the computers that the system communicates with when starting the vehicle. The security system may have a number of issues, including the installation of a remote starter, causing the car or truck not to start. Most complaints involve a blinking security light. This is one many problems to check before exploring security system bypass or other more involved solutions discussed in other videos. This ignition defect is causing engine starting problems in many GM manufactured vehicles such as Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Saturn, Hummer and Cadillac. In this video I am demonstrating the ignition repair on a GMC Sierra 2500 HD 2001. The Chevy Silverado 1500 2500 and 3500 are virtually the same vehicles as far as ignition system fix goes. There are different types of security systems for different models and year vehicles. This problem occurs in minivans, cars and SUVs as well. There has been more reports of ignition Anti Theft defects and the security light flashing in more cars and trucks. This is one of the easy fixes for the common ignition starting problem, but GM needs to recall this issue and fix it for us. The anti theft security feature is more of a problem for the car owners, than the potential thieves. I also have had problems with the knock sensors and ABS sensors. I will post a video soon on the ABS sensor replacement. See original video when I first posted this problem here http://youtu.be/ty_aNO0Scwk For the GMC Sierra or Chevrolet Silverado truck, there are some screws in the bottom of the steering column cover which need to be removed first. I did not demonstrate this in the video since I figured it was self explanatory. If you have noticed the "Security Light" coming on the dashboard message display, then this is most likely your ignition problem. The truck will sound like it is starting normal, but immediately shuts down. It sounds like to me that it does get spark plug ignition, but then cuts power. I am not sure it does or not, but that is what it sounds like for lack of a better description. Listen to the video to hear what my GMC Sierra 2500 (Chevy Silverado) sounded like. It took me 5 years to find out what the problem with my ignition was, since it was interment and hard to troubleshoot and fix that way. There was no engine codes being recorded in the computer since the truck thought it was doing the right thing by shutting down when the security feature was being activated. This feature was designed to prevent theft when a car or truck is hotwired. The vehicle needs the key to start, otherwise it thinks someone is trying to bypass normal key ignition. There are a few systems that must communicate perfect to allow for normal start. This video shows just one simple wire that may be causing an interruption in voltage, causing the security system to prevent the car from starting. You may have a different problem interrupting your car's computer security check. How to fix the ignition: A sensor tells the security system whether the key is in the ignition or not. This is a common feature in the GMC, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Saturn, Chevrolet and other past and present GM brand vehicles. The wire, which is connected to that sensor, comes loose or corroded and needs to be secured or cleaned. Some people have chosen to go further in the ignition unit and actually solder the connector wires in place, but this requires a lot more disassembly and time and probably unnecessary. Wedging a shim may seem primitive, but just hot gluing the plug may not guarantee you the best electrical connection. You can also go ahead and pay an auto mechanic to fix the ignition if you like unnecessarily spending hundreds of dollars. Remove the wire plug connector and visually inspect the connections and clean with electrical parts cleaner which can be found at most auto parts stores. Replace the plug as shown on the GMC Sierra truck in the video. Wedge a shim in the connection and secure the new connection with hot glue, silicon or any other glue that can be fairly easy to scrap off and remove if further maintenance is required. Replace the steering column cover and that's how you fix the ignition in your GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado 1500, 2500 and 3500.

Part-1 S10 Loose Tilt Steering Repair Project 5 Chevy
First Gen Chevy S10 Pickup "Loose tilt steering repair" I have seen this a few times and had to fix it. I've been asked "how to" and "how hard"? Here is an overview of my S10 Tilt fix. Just Locktite the bolts and tighten them. That's after tearing into the steering column.

General Motors Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement
Seems confusing, but its not when you get into it. GM lock cylinders have a tendency to wear out to the point where a key is not necessary to start a vehicle. Door lock cylinders work different when they are wore out, in most cases with door lock cylinders the right key wont unlock the door.

Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement (GM cars w/ PASSkey theft systems)
View Standard's instructional video to learn how to replace your vehicle's ignition lock cylinder. This video should be viewed prior to product installation and will show you how to change the ignition lock cylinder in mid-1990s GM cars with the PASSkey 1 or 2 theft systems with the resistor pellet on the key. This video covers part numbers: US-160L, US-161L, US-205L, US-212L, US-218L, US-222L, US-271L Visit us at: http://www.standardbrand.com

Ignition Lock Change w' Dent Puller {FAST WAY} on a '78 El Camino
Ignition Lock Change with Dent Puller (Slide Hammer). This was actually the preferred methods of removing and old ignition lock cylinder, even at the GM dealers, since it was a lot faster than taking everything apart and using a special tool. You do need to have a screw that fits exactly into the keyhole for this to work smoothly with no problems. I used to work with people that did body shop repairs and painted cars at the dealership. Using the slide-hammer was the standard way to change out an ignition lock at the dealership. For the older 1970's General Motors (GM) cars such as Chevy, Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Buick this method works excellent. I will loch the steering wheel on this car with a big padlock and thick cable when I park somewhere else to help prevent theft.

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