Evo X vs 335i from a Dig

Me destroying my stock clutch with a 6k launch, it's just all clutch slip in first and second gear, was horrific rofl

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Evo X w/ Invidia turbo back dyno vid
Evo X w/ Invidia turbo back Dyno vid. Made 337whp and 335wtq at Ivey Tune. 480p shows flame

Just retarded
idk, flames and stuff, funny commentary

Evo X vs Evo X vs 335i
My Evo X with 340whp (red) vs a supposedly 380 Evo X and a chipped 335i

N54 BMW 335 JB4 vs EVO X 2 runs
BMW Mods: JB4 Map5 30%E85 Mix, MS Catless DP, BMS DCI EVO Mods: Intake, Catless Exhaust, Tune and 02 dump