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From BMXING to Surfing, get your fix of extreme sports. Edited by, Paul Ballon.

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XTreme Kids Are Awesome
Xtreme Kids Are Awesome ! Watch XTreme Kids are Awesome 2: https://youtu.be/Zn4pDd6UYhA Xtreme Kids Are Awesome Compilation ! Subscribe here for daily X-Treme Videos: http://goo.gl/NPT1Hz Kids constantly push our Xtreme sports limits. This compilation show it very well! Enjoy & feel free to send us your own footage if you've filmed something awesome. (channels@x-tremevideo.com) 00:18 / 01:20 / 02:11 / 03:37 -- Gonzalo Morales Disfrutando el Skate | 5 years old http://www.youtube.com/user/TheGonzkate 00:25 -- Ellery Gordon does awesome 55 mph quarter mile wheelie | 10 years old 00:35 -- Maxime Roux Wakeboard | 9 years old 00:42 / 03:08 / 03:51 -- Martin Salchev from Bulgaria, Freerunning. | 10 years old Youtube.com/itzDeaMan Facebook.com/itzDeaMan Twitter.com/itzDeaMan 00:50 / 02:15 / 03:15 -- Anthony Duffy Bmx for BSD | 12 years old 00:59 -- GIRL - PVS Kelly Sildaru 2010 | 8 years old 01:31 / 02:17/ 03:46 -- Eli Hunter - Scooter Web Edit | 12 years old 01:36 / 03:21 -- Jackson Goldstone at Woodward | 8 years old 01:48 -- 2 Aussie kids FMX | 8 & 11 years old 01:57 / 02:23 / 03:06 -- Tyler Worrall Wakeboard | 11 years old 02:34 -- James Ribbink Surf South Africa | 9 years old 03:11 -- Kelly Sildaru Tignes 2013 | 11 years old 03:23 -- Gautier Gallas Snowboard | 10 years old 03:50 -- You Shoji Bmx Flat | 11 years old 03:42 -- Henri Sildaru ski | 6 years old Edit : Anthony Abbadie The X-Treme Channel features awesome extreme sports action from all over the world! Subscribe To X-Treme Here: http://goo.gl/7Vdr0 Website: http://www.x-tremevideo.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/XTremeVideo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/XTvideo

2011 Mount Baldy Spring Hill Climb, 1st round passes
Action from the the M.S.B.A. hill climb at Silver Lake Michigan

Sports pictures taken at just the right moment
Take a look at these sports pictures taken at exactly the right moment - some are funny, some are sexy and others are pure fails! Watch NEW volume 3 (Screen Grab Edition) here: http://youtu.be/FP6tJ5GTOTw SUBSCRIBE to get more entertaining videos delivered right to your news feed: http://bit.ly/Hu3sIN SONG: http://www.audionetwork.com/production-music/gadget-culture_43880.aspx FOLLOW us on Twitter and tell us what else you want to watch on talkSPORT's YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/IiA1t2 LIKE us on Facebook for transfer gossip, sporting debates and laughs: http://on.fb.me/HAm7Gn

People Are Awesome Women/Girls Edition 2013 HD HQ *New*
The most amazing collection of sexy awesome women. Best watched in HD, Full screen, volume up :) This is my first compilation video, hope you all like it. Make sure to subscribe if you do and I will be adding more videos soon. Songs: In the Middle (Nero Remix) by The Streets and Still Alive by MT Eden Credits: GoPro: Alana and Monyca - Two Of A Kind Azul - A Waterlust film about women in water GoPro HD- Surfing with Daize - TV Commercial - You in HD GoPro HD: Alana and Monyca Surfing Hawaii People are awesome Hadoukentheband People are awesome 2013 GoPro HD: Dreams with Kelia Moniz - Roxy Wahine Classic 2011 Stella Angelova Super slow motion Chloe Bruce - Winter Wonderland Carving the Mountains (longboard) HD Tennis Women slow motion GoPro HD: Jeb Corliss and Roberta Mancino - Wingsuit Flyers Pretty Faces- an all female ski film Sasha DiGiulian: World #1 on Pure Imagination GoPro HD: Bungee Jumping - TV Commercial - You in HD‬ Biking like a girl at Northstar's Mountain Bike Park Tempest Home Videos - VOL 4 - Fun in the Philippines GoPro Hero 2 HD BoomPole Snake River Blurfix GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition Slow Motion 240fps Cute girl rides bike to beach Miss Reef Calendar If you don't appear in the credits and your video is featured send me a message and I'll add you and your link. If you don't want your video/music to feature in the compilation send me a message. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Tags: GoPro Rubik Cube Juggle GoPro Iceland Surf Chandni Skydive Superhuman People are awesome Women's Edition HD 2013 Women are awesome New 2013 HD Amazing compilations series: Awesome Women people are awesome women are awesome people are awesome 2013 people are awesome new people are awesome HD best people are awesome people are awesome women people are awesome women edition humans are awesome women are awesome women are amazing amazing compilation series: awesome women amazing compilations series people are awesome woman girls are awesome girl sports surfing skateboarding snowboarding mountain bike free running skydiving base jumping skydiving longboard slow motion HD new best 2013 epic gopro redbull version