Car Wash Idiot Caught on Camera

Next time when you wash car, just stay in your car. dont be like this guy just walking around the corner

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Gaskings Presents Top 10 Car Wash Fails
Gaskings Presents Top 10 Car Wash Fails Compilation. People failing while washing their car from women washing the inside of the their cars, Car Wash Crash, Jetwash inside of car, Motorbikes going through car wash and funny car wash fails. Also would you let a Bugatti go through a normal car wash? Gaskings Bundles: #gaskings , #comedy , #entertainment ------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe Now: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit our website: Visit our shop: Find us on Instagram: Find us on Twitter: Find us on Facebook: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Trying to be cute in a car wash: Motorbike In A Car Wash: Funny car wash fail: Would you wash your Bugatti like that? Car Wash Special: Excavator crushes car: Car Wash Fail:

FunnyFuse Faves: Car Wash Special
Man at automatic car wash tries to get his door open quickly to pull a flyer off his winshield. The car wash bends the door all the way open & sprays water inside the SUV.

Another, Lesson in Parking along the Streetcar Line
The Streetcar hangs over the Cement Roadbed a bit more, so, a white line is painted so you know your in the clear.......some just have a disregard for it. From South Waterfront District, Portland, Oregon.

Top 10 - Car Wash Fails
Top 10 - Car Wash Fails