337 gti vs 295whp srt-4

2002 337 vw gti turbo with mods,playing with an 03 srt-4 with 295whp

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neon srt-4 vs golf gti
viron track

VW GTi 337 - D0P3STATUS (HD)
Joe Blotta's Flush GTi cruisin. L0W~L1F3 . 516 Follow us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/D0p3status Watch in HD!

2002 VW GTI 337 Edition Revs
02' GTI 337 edition, 3 inch turbo back Exhaust, Injen CAI, Tuned to 15 PSI on stock turbo. A few revs to let you hear it.

Gti 337 Hitting 80 in 3rd
just wanted to see how fast i could get to 80...i was turning at the beginning so i couldnt get a good start...plus, driving and taping isnt exactly the easiest thing especially when your trying to drive hard. Basically stock--- 007 diverter valve cone air filter neuspeed RSB