337 gti vs 295whp srt-4

2002 337 vw gti turbo with mods,playing with an 03 srt-4 with 295whp

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Gti 337 Hitting 80 in 3rd
just wanted to see how fast i could get to 80...i was turning at the beginning so i couldnt get a good start...plus, driving and taping isnt exactly the easiest thing especially when your trying to drive hard. Basically stock--- 007 diverter valve cone air filter neuspeed RSB

Stayed up all night at the shop to make this video... Dynos are at 5-6AM till about 8am on Saturday the 19th. FInished the car up, drove to Waterfest and slept. Woke up that night and hung out for a while, slept, then got up and went to the track. My first run was good, but low Boost. 2nd run I totally screwed up the launch, but you can hear the car SCREAMING as it goes down the track. You'll see me screw up the launch on the 2nd run down the track. If I didnt mess up it would have been a 10.8xx run or better for sure. Till next time!

The battle gti vs srt-4

GTI 337 vs Corrado
Gainesville Raceway 20 Jan 07