337 gti vs 295whp srt-4

2002 337 vw gti turbo with mods,playing with an 03 srt-4 with 295whp

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2002 VW GTi 1.8T
This is my stock 02 GTi that i just got about a week ago and i am already in love with the car. It has approximately 180 hp does 0-60 in about 5.5 secs with around 175 ft lbs of torque. These cars have a lot of potential to be very fast and i plan on doing a lot to this car. I will definitely keep you updated.

JD Autosports 337 GTI Race Tune Dyno 8/28
This is a video of our 337 GTI on the Dyno running the race tune (25psi & 105 octane fuel) The car is running a Garret 2871 turbo & Unitronic 630cc big turbo software. Dyno was done at PSI in Hillsboro. For more car info see http://www.jdautosports.com

2002 GTi 337 Dyno
183.5whp 228.9wtq