Duel at DeAnza 2010, 47.784s run to win OSP

Scott Smith driving the Smitty Racing / Z Car Garage, 2003 350Z in the OSP class at the 41st Annual Duel at DeAnza Autocross.

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When momentum goes wrong: Miata-on-Miata action
July 26, 2017 SpeedSF Track Events at Laguna Seca A group. Last lap of the session and saw an old friend in a Spec Miata. Thought I'd get close and wave in the mirror, but it turned into a little HELLO BUMP and a wave. I apologized to the other driver, but he didn't find the tap as comical as I did at the time. Ricky Bobby says "Rubbin is Racin'"

SpeedSF MRLS fun
Smitty's Miata playing in the A group with Speedsf

Datsun 510 @ DeAnza Autocross
1969 Datsun 510 SCCA 1991 National Champion EP Driver Tom Anker

Laguna Seca 6/8/17: 99' Miata on new Federal FZ201 tires
Take a few laps with me in the SmittyRacing / Autologic and Federal tire-sponsored 99' Mazda Miata. The Miata is a stock VVT shortblock with a massaged Autologic head that makes a glorious 123whp. Best lap on the tires was a 1:44.238 and relatively consistent through the day with many 1:44.3xx afterwards. These are 205/50/15 Federal FZ-201 tires on 8" wheels. That time is ~0.4s faster than larger 225/45/15 NT01s on 9" wheels, where my best time (over many, many events on NT01s) was a 1:44.727. I'm looking forward to doing more back-to-back tests with them at Thunderhill East and Laguna Seca in July, and Sonoma Raceway in August!