Duel at DeAnza 2010, 47.784s run to win OSP

Scott Smith driving the Smitty Racing / Z Car Garage, 2003 350Z in the OSP class at the 41st Annual Duel at DeAnza Autocross.

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Triumph TR6 Autocrossing (Modified)
This is Jim Prettyleaf's Buick 3.8L v6 powered Triumph TR6 running "Duel at De Anza" and Triumph Travelers "Brutes and Butes" events. More info on his car http://www.britishv8.org/Triumph/JimPrettyleaf.htm http://www.triumphtravelers.org/

DYI: G35 sedan rear shock replacement tutorial
A complete and thorough guide to successfully replace rear shocks on a 2003 Infinity G35 sedan RWD. Video also compares 350z shocks vs G35 shocks in length. Same procedure applies to AWD (X) model, and 250GT and 350GT models.

Duel at De Anza 2010 Cavallinos body shop/Pedders 2010 Camaro
Scott Fraser driving the Cavallinos Body shop/ Pedders Suspension 2010 Camaro SS. The Camaro was fitted with the Pedders track II suspension. (check your class rules to see if the needed modifications are legal). The biggest downfall was the stock wheels and tires, not allowing the car to fully optimize the Pedders suspension. The setup with a really mild street alignment which had an extreme lack of front camber. The car had a mid corner push which will show on the right hand sweeper corner before the front straight. This parking lot has a few bumps and the vehicle was able to attack the corners without having to make any abrupt steering inputs. This was an exhibition run and I had under 10 minutes in the car before this. The car was very predictable to drive and I got out wanting more tire traction (r compounds) and even more power! time in was a 52.933

May 11, 2010 at Thunderhill Raceway Park
2003 350Z at Thunderhill in the advanced run group having a good time with a Corvette and a Porsche 911. Some of these lap times were in the mid 2:06s, with one 2:05.97, and later followed with a few mid-2:05s.