BMW E46 ///M3 vs C5 Corvette Z06

BMW E46 M3 vs C5 Corvette Z06

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Oversteer - E46 M3 vs. C5 Corvette Road Test
What is the best sports car for $15,000? Mitchell Weitzman & Daniel Blodgett attempt to find the answer! This is a road test and comparison of the BMW E46 M3 and Chevrolet C5 Corvette. The results are closer than you may think. If you liked it please, comment, thumbs up and share! Special thanks to Eddy Mckinney! Music:

BMW E46 M3 versus C5 Corvette
4th gear pull. Ced's modded BMW E46 M3 is tested against a modded C5 vette. A trip to the Canyons back in 2005 with friends was so much fun.

VF Stage II E46 M3 VF vs Corvette Z06
My buddies stage ii running against an 08 z06 at autoclub speedway dragstrip.

BMW E46 M3 vs Corvette