Mazda Rotary Pickup Project

1974 Mazda Rotary Pickup (REPU). It's been almost 2 years, and the truck is coming along nicely. Thanks to my neighbor and friend Jonny, along with the help of others, the truck is really coming along. A lot of hard work has gone into this truck so far, and I plan for it to be a beast later on...

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Rotary Engined Mazda B2200 Extended Cab For Sale
Here we have a Mazda B2200 GROUND up Restore with a Rotary Engine... This is ONE BAD ASS Truck. For Sale Reading Pa. 4 8 4 - 5 Two 5 - 0 0 One 5

Project_REPU 4.0 - Brap Brap! (1975 Mazda REPU)
Well here is the latest update to Project_REPU it's been about a year since I purchased the truck and she is officially running like a champ. There are still a lot of things that need to be done on the truck but she is derivable. I still have a few things from my Stage I sheet that I need to get done and then it's time to move on to Stage II of the project! The meat and potatoes of the build is coming! If any of you guys have any questions about the truck just hit me up. Also make sure to subscribe to my channel for more updates and cool content. You can also follow me on Social media to stay up to date: Instagram: @SiRMarlon Facebook: @SiRMarlon Twitter: @SiRMarlon And my website:

Simon 20B Mazda Repu
Snow White 20B rotary Bridge port haltech ps2000

Watch as the youngster battles the scented alcohol fumes along with me as the '86 Mazda B2000 Pickup 13B Alcohol Injected Rotary turbo warms up at RT66 Joliet Friday Night Test n Tune which unfortunately was cancelled due to rain. 9-11-15