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American Muscle Car S03E13 Dodge Dart GTS

American Muscle Car S02E06 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

American muscle car; Pontiac Trans am
The history behind muscle cars, recorded from the TV. A show called American muscle car (doh!) Sorry for the bad quality, VHS to old VGA card. burned on cd 07-2001, don't know date of TV program. beetje muscle car geschiedenis dus, met NL ondertiteling! oh en met de UPC melding; dit is een tijdelijke zender...jammer

American Muscle Car, S03E10, The Saleen Mustangs
The Saleen Cars: RACE-BRED -- Saleen started in the eighties, road-racing 5-liter Mustangs. Saleen Mustangs are now the most feared road racers in endurance racing competition, and on the street.