yamaha DTX 2stroke elephant and castle to victoria shot on 5dmk2

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Motorbike Filtering in the City of London
London town is far too congested with traffic and I really love and hate this city at the same time. This day I met another biker and we chatted about motorbike YouTube videos.

Electric vs. Gas Supermoto Shootout: 2014 Zero FX vs DRZ Supermoto
Monumental! That's what this is. MO's first electric vs. gas, head-to-head supermoto comparison. A bare-knuckle brawl between the embedded establishment and the harbinger of an electrified future. Yep, this shootout is unique, but it's also the proverbial tip of the iceberg. With the exponential rate at which electric motorcycle technology is improving, there's a heap load more of this kind of comparison to come. Read the full story: Subscribe! YouTube - Facebook - Twitter - Web - Established in 1994, is the premiere online resource for motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts. With hundreds of high quality, detailed video reviews on bikes from Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and just about everybody else, it's the best place to go to learn about the latest and greatest two-wheeled creations. There's simply no better resource if you're planning on buying or if you just want to check out some awesome machines.

SuperMoto Sunday #11
Systems are a go for SMS #11. Some where calling this Super Heat Stroke Sunday and with good reason. It was just over a 100f all day with high humidity and almost no breeze. But we pushed through it, for a while at least. Super cool to have my brother come along. With him in NAVY and on the west coast we don't really have a way to ride. So while he's in town for a week before a long deployment we had to do a SuperMoto Sunday! And Lound and Dave was up here too. We just slapped in a 434 kit on his DRZ and everyone knows the best way to break those in is SuperMoto Sunday. Be sure to check out Dave's Channel if you haven't, And damn, another SV650 guy Jumps and off roads his motorcycle. What a nut! Is that just something about SV650 guys? Ya'll got to check him out! Also be sure to check out spy vs spy. White Spy got him a wr250x just a few days before the ride. Had never rode anything like that and went hard. He got pretty busted up, must have fell about half a dozen times and kept going. He ended up tweaking his ankle in the end but he'll live. I felt like an ass hole by the end because some of them were really getting beat up trying to follow us. The combination of unfamiliar riding conditions and HEAT made some hate me I think. So I think next ride will be in late October XD TheGardenSnake on FaceBook TheGardenSnake on Twitter!/thegardensnake RHOK Motorcycle gear THE BEST GEAR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Force Rider Motorcycle Gear Save some Money, Save your ASS TheGardenSnake Stickers and RMC stickers & swag Drift Action Camera 10% off with Code: SNAKEGH13 (works for everything but the Ghost S) Rhok Moto Crew (RMC): Darknite Fireguy24 FireGuy24 hotline 940 600 4053 LoudandDave Miggs7170 SuperBlake133 TheAK47s and only if you want to, 4B2L28E

Motorcycle filtering in Central London