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Project: Quickshift

Project: Quickshift Promotional video annoucing the launch of Project: Quickshift; a 2005 GMC Canyon being built to showcase the products and talents of several companies. Current build partners include Sinsity Kustomz, HiLeds.com, and Auto Radio Stereo of Sacramento. Music: Wings of Icarus - Celldweller Rendering: KEG Media


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Quickshift Update 1-25-12 pt2
Part 2 of the 1-25-12 update This part of the video contains most of the driving shots and commentary from myself.

QS 500hp or Bust (again...)
After our appearance in Truckin Magazine and the saga of the blown motor, we decided to come back stronger than ever and build something most people had never even dreamed of. Project: Quickshift is now, to my knowledge, the worlds first vehicle to have forged internals for the GM Atlas 5cyl motor. It made 350rwhp in this video and we are currently working to get that figure to over 400hp, which roughly translates to over 500hp at the motor. In the coming weeks Motor Machine Super Shop will be working to finish the motor build out and show that 500hp in a reg. cab mid size truck, is plenty for anyone. Musical credit: Of Mice and Men "My Understandings" and Miss May I "At heart"

Challenge Meet SQ competition overview
A basic overview of how to judge Sound Quality for the NorCal355 Challenge Meet.

Rock crawling fail in a gmc canyon
Tryed to climb up the hill on the rock but it wouldn't do it going to have to make some more mods to make it

GMC Canyon - Extreme Hagglunds All Terrain Vehicle
Take the ride of your life in Bill Feeley's custom built GMC Canyon Extreme Hagglunds All Terrain Vehicle

AutoX-ing the Canyon
Took the Canyon to the Good Guys AutoX on 5/31/14 and had some fun. My buddy Jeff is riding shotgun while I try to go around without make it look like I know what I'm doing. Was running Nitto 420S tires 255/55/18 so times could greatly improve with better tires and if I knew what the hell I was doing... As always, thanks to Jay's Hot Rods, STS turbo, Nitto Tire, and XS Power for their support.

Johns bagged chevy colorado
Johns bagged chevy colorado

2005 GMC Canyon bagged
Just did a simple wash and wipe down on my truck. Still lookin like glass.

Proton Savvy, 1149cc, with semi-auto Renault Quickshift G'box (2009 vid).flv
This video was uploaded in 2009 on my previous YT account. I have received several inquiries on the condenser unit and am now keen on manufacturing this to sell due to popular demand. Most cars with Automated Manual Transmission (which is basically a manual gearbox with a single clutch plate utilizing hydraulic actuators to control the shifter and clutch, freeing the user from having to engage gears via the stick and depressing a clutch pedal) suffer from premature gearbox failure and rough gearshifts due to transient pressure loss in the hydraulic system. Such gearboxes include the Quickshift (Renault), Selespeed (Alfa Romeo) and many others. This is a test drive of my 4 year old Proton Savvy compact car - 1149cc Renault D4F, 75BHP @ 5500rpm, 105nm @ 4250rpm, Galvanized high tensile steel monocoque chassis, front wheel drive, sequential gearbox (manual gearbox anatomy, no torque-converter), bore x stroke 69mm x 76mm, in-line 4, drive-by-wire throttle body, multiport fuel injected, SOHC 16 valves. Front suspension is McPherson struts with lower control arm mounted on a square type subframe. Rear suspension is programmed deflection torsion axle. This gearbox is basically anatomically similar to a manual transmission, having a single clutch plate and 5 forward ratios with reverse. The shifter in the gearbox is controlled by a hydraulic shifter actuator (aka a "robotic arm") and the clutch is controlled a hydraulic pump actuator. Pressure for the hydraulic system is built by a main electrical pump. The control valves for both hydraulic actuators are controlled by high current solenoids running from the car's line voltage. There are some issues with the gearbox's hydraulic system due to insufficient electrical reservoir resulting in undervoltage during shifts which causes overheating, jamming and premature failure. Critical failure is observed at 36,000 km mileage. The dimming of headlamps during gear shifts is an obvious indication of a voltage dip, during which the alternator is unable to compensate for a transient drain of high current by the control solenoids of the hydraulic actuators. The undervoltage results in a transient loss of pressure for both the hydraulic shifter actuator and the hydraulic clutch actuator, due to improper activation of the solenoids. This results in rough gear shifts where the actuators have to actuate multiple times for a single action due to an undervoltage operation of the solenoids. Clunky shifts with violent recoils, jerky ride and loud noise is commonplace. Manufacturer refuses to admit design fault. Basically the current ratings between hydraulic system and the car's electrical reservoir were mismatched. After expensive repairs to replace the main electrical pump and hydraulic pressure accumulator (worth RM 4,600/ 1,800 USD due to the 150% import tax imposed by the Malaysian gov. on foreign auto parts), the same symptoms of rough and jerky gear changes still prevail and occasional overheating and jamming still occurs. Pressure loss of the hydraulic system and undervoltage operation of solenoids still result in rough, loud and clunky gear shifts. The problem is then rectified using a DIY 0.5 farad voltage condenser as an intermediate electrical reservoir with low electrical impedance to account for the large current draw during gear shifts. The problem is then completely solved. There is no more rough shifts and the clutching action as surprisingly smooth and not jerky. Large current draw no longer affect the headlamps as well as sensitive electronic equipment. Frequent, rapid and arbitrary gearshifts are now permissible. Other than that, this is a excellent car. High tensile steel compact chassis provides an extremely rigid platform which offers virtually no flex during threshold cornering. The rear torsion axle is surprisingly stable on the straights and gives a 'passive rear wheel steering effect' that allows extremely sharp cornering in which the car literally sticks like a leech with minimum understeer. Recovery from understeer and oversteer is surprisingly easy. Lotus tuned handling evident. Low drag coefficient results in less fuel consumption on highways, and good stability at high speeds. Effective cruising speed is at 140-160 km/h, (90-100 mph). Surprisingly stable and agile at high speeds. Very easy to yaw (low yaw angular inertia) into corners making it an excellent lane changing car (and lane splitting if you are driving in Malaysia). Understeer is minor due to lightweight engine and gearbox at the front as well as due to compensatory effects of the rear torsion axle. This is a test drive to show the effect of the voltage condenser here on the shifting dynamics of the gearbox. Suburban test-drive is for increased shifts. Car is four years old and there is virtually no problem with the well built engine and chassis even after few years of very hard riding. The driving in this video is more subtle and does not include threshold cornering and full revving.

Chevy Colorado layed out on 24s/22s
Found this guy at the Pacific Coast Dream Machines Car Show 4/25/09 in Half Moon Bay, CA. Its originally an S10 that has Colorado skin on it. Not sure on any more details but listen as he explains what all he's done.

2005 GMC Canyon Hertz/Audison system overview
2005 GMC Canyon with full Hertz/Audison stereo system. Was at one time, the loudest regular cab Colorado/Canyon in the world w/o a blow-thru. System has been measured at over 140dB and sports some of the best equipment available to ensure high sound quality as well. All fab and design work done by Auto Radio Stereo in Sacramento, CA. Special thanks to Adam DeFazio and Flint Skupic for their hard work on this project.

4x4 z71 silverado 2007 7" lifted
this a other walk around my 2007 silverado with a 7" mcgaughys lift in my other vid this thruck had a tahoe font which i took off cuz i relly didnt like how it look lifted i traded to some guy in h-town its now on a singal cab silverado they both were black so it was good for both of us.tires i know there not to big but i wanted something i could drive on my oem rims and still look good still needs some fog lamps on top and lol it doesnt rain much here : ( but as soon it rains ill get you guys a vid of it full of mudd hehe.

Renault Trafic 2.5 Dci Quickshift 350/2900 L2h1 Terberg
33-VNB-8 106.092 km Prijs: € 11.950 Merk: Renault Model: Trafic Type: 2.5 Dci Quickshift 350/2900 L2h1 Terberg Carrosserievorm: Bestelbus (4 drs) Bouwjaar: 2008 Transmissie: automaat Kleur: Zilver metallic BTW/Marge: btw Cilinderinhoud: 2.464 cc Aantal cilinders: 4 Vermogen: 107 kW Gewicht (leeg): 1.910 kg Brandstof: diesel APK datum: 25-05-2013 Garantielabels: * ABS * Achterdeuren * Airbag bestuurder * Airco * Airconditioning * Armsteun voor * Buitenspiegels elektrisch verstelbaar * Centrale deurvergrendeling met afstandsbediening * Elektrisch bedienbare ramen voor * Getint glas * In hoogte verstelbare stoel * Laadruimte met ruit aan rechterzijde * Lichtmetalen velgen * Metallic lak * Mistlampen voor * Parkeersensoren achter * radio cd af fabriek * Reservewiel plaatsbesparend * Roetfilter * Schuifdeur rechts * Startonderbreking * Stuurbekrachtiging * Trekhaak * Tussenwand met ruit * Wisa wire laadvloer Meer occasions op http://www.autodoesburg.nl Aanbieder Auto Totaal Center Leigraafseweg 17 6983BR DOESBURG Tel: 0313-474411 E-mail: verkoop@autodoesburg.nl Website: http://www.autodoesburg.nl

Renault Twingo Commercial
All new UK Renault Twingo www.dccook.co.uk

Chevy Colorado v8 Magnacharged
2012 Chevy Colorado v8 5.3 Magnacharged TVS1900

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