Project: Quickshift

Project: Quickshift Promotional video annoucing the launch of Project: Quickshift; a 2005 GMC Canyon being built to showcase the products and talents of several companies. Current build partners include Sinsity Kustomz,, and Auto Radio Stereo of Sacramento. Music: Wings of Icarus - Celldweller Rendering: KEG Media

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Quickshift Update 1-25-12 pt2
Part 2 of the 1-25-12 update This part of the video contains most of the driving shots and commentary from myself.

WCSM 2015 Off Road Meet
Every year the different chapters of have their regional meets and this year the West Coast Super Meet (WCSM) was held in Sacramento, CA. It has become a tradition that there is a special off-road meet the day before the main event. This year we visited Prairie City SVRA with Steve Olsewski of Slick and Dirty Motorsports and to see if we couldn't keep the tradition alive and make this the most memorable year yet. There was something for everybody, from 2wd pre-runners, to 4wd crawlers, and everything in between. The Prairie City SVRA is a great place to get dirty in your truck instead of under it for a change. Music Credit: "Right Back At It Again" -A Day To Remember

Quickshift Fly-By
Idle and fly-by footage pf Project Quickshift, a 2005 GMC Canyon equipped with an STS remote mount turbo system making 335hp.

NorCal355 'Challenge Meet' Video
Compilation of pics and video form the NorCal355 'Challenge Meet' on 4/3/2011. This was a friendly competition among friends to see who can drop the deepest lows and put up the biggest numbers. Awards given for Sound Quality (Matt/AceX), SPL (Fernando/2loud4u - 145.3dB), and People's Choice (Fernando/2loud4u). 19 trucks and more than 30 people were in attendence at Kearney Park in Fresno, CA and made the gathering an unqualified success. Special thanks to for the trophy work, Auto Radio Stereo in Sacramento for the use of their Audio Control meter and display, Adam DeFazio for coming out to help with all the systems and setup, The Wolfpack and SinCal crew for everything they did, and of course to all those who attended. This wouldn't have been such a great gathering without all of you.