Project: Quickshift

Project: Quickshift Promotional video annoucing the launch of Project: Quickshift; a 2005 GMC Canyon being built to showcase the products and talents of several companies. Current build partners include Sinsity Kustomz,, and Auto Radio Stereo of Sacramento. Music: Wings of Icarus - Celldweller Rendering: KEG Media

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WCSM 2015 Off Road Meet
Every year the different chapters of have their regional meets and this year the West Coast Super Meet (WCSM) was held in Sacramento, CA. It has become a tradition that there is a special off-road meet the day before the main event. This year we visited Prairie City SVRA with Steve Olsewski of Slick and Dirty Motorsports and to see if we couldn't keep the tradition alive and make this the most memorable year yet. There was something for everybody, from 2wd pre-runners, to 4wd crawlers, and everything in between. The Prairie City SVRA is a great place to get dirty in your truck instead of under it for a change. Music Credit: "Right Back At It Again" -A Day To Remember

Quick Shift: "Who Am I?"
Expand your experience of who & what you are! Free yourself from limiting labels & ideas! Discover a boundless joy! Keith shares how at "Master the Game of Creation" playshop in MIlwaukee April 20-22 & Phoenix May 18.

Dear Bungie...
The stunts performed in this video were performed in controlled conditions under the strict supervision of trained professionals. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! You can find some of the back story here: and here: There were two other threads that I'm not going to take the time to search for. Anyway, This is a statement towards Bungie and their awful, basically non-existent customer support. This is not a threat towards them, any or any of their affiliates. Just some harmless fun and stress relief for myself and a couple fellow players. If you or someone you know has been having issues with Bungie's lack of customer support, constant crash errors with no technical information provided, or you just feel that paying customers deserve answers to their issues in a timely fashion, please like and share this video so that some day, hopefully, Bungie will see it and actually do something about it. Also, I know my stance is garbage. That's why we have trained professionals at these things. Once again; DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

Git R Done!
Friend's Red-Neck commercial for GMC canyon.