Chevy Sonic X-Country Adventure of Firsts: Beeline for the Four Corners

After leaving the sprawling city limits of Las Vegas, we made a mad dash for the Four Corners Monument, the quadripoint at which the states of Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico meet. En route, we hit such colorful towns as Mesquite, NV, Colorado City, AZ, Fredonia, AZ, and too many others to count. We spent about eight hours racing the sun in order to get to the Four Corners so we could be the first Chevy Sonic to be in four states at once. And, you know what, we did it! Well, sort of... We arrived at the Four Corners Monument just after dark, but we're still keepin' that one as a first!

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Sonic X-Country Adventure: Conquering Colorado
The Sonic X-Country Adventure returns! Today we have a quick video of day three of the journey, which finds the crew in their Sonic conquering the vast terrain of the Centennial State. Check out the video, and make sure to stay tuned for a killer photo installment from this leg of the trip!

Sonic Insider Chats With Brembo's Danni Jacobs
Corey Mullane,'s "man on the street," stopped by the Brembo booth at SEMA, met with Danni Jacobs, and discussed the company's custom brake package for the Chevy Sonic. If you plan on tuning your Sonic-- you need this kit in your life!

Chevy Sonic: A X-Country Adventure Is Born...
Chevy Sonic: A X-Country Adventure Is Born...

Sonic Insider Chats With MagnaFlow's Richard Waitas
While making the rounds at SEMA, we had a cool opportunity to stop by the Magnaflow Performance Exhaust booth and chat with Engineering Director, Richard Waitas. Richard worked with Neil Tjin, on his Tjin Edition Sonic, to create a completely custom, super sweet sounding set of pipes.