Multi - Ground Spark Plugs - NGK Spark Plugs - Tech Video

Brief overview of Multi-Ground Electrode spark plugs from NGK Spark Plugs.

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How Pulstar Spark Plugs Work
Pulstar Spark Plugs use innovative plasma-assisted combustion technology to increase horsepower, torque and improve fuel efficiency. Plasma-assisted combustion is already used to improve engine performance for racing, but requires complex control systems and costs nearly $2,000 per cylinder. Pulstar Spark Plugs, manufactured by Enerpulse Technologies (Ticker: ENPT), brings plasma-assisted combustion to consumers with a simple spark plug upgrade for less than $18 a cylinder. Pulstar uses a patented internal capacitor, developed with the help of a US Department of Energy laboratory, to create a high-intensity electrical pulse that ionizes the air-fuel mixture and saturates it with combustion-enhancing plasma. With its plasma-assisted combustion, Pulstar ignites fuel instantly and burns it rapidly; gaining up to 7 horsepower, 9 ft.-lbs. of torque ... and, delivering wicked throttle response. Pulstar Spark Plugs are available for purchase from most major automotive retailers such as AutoZone, JEGs, PepBoys etc…and online today at You can learn more at the Pulstar website: Video: Voice over: Copyright 2015 Enerpulse Technologies For permission to use contact

How to Identify a Fouled Spark Plug - NGK
This video is about How to Identify a Fouled Spark Plug - NGK:

Инновационные свечи Denso TT
Наша уникальная свеча Twin Tip знаменует собой прорыв в технологиях свечей зажигания. Это первая в мире свеча зажигания с тонкими электродами, которые не содержат драгоценных металлов. Более тонкие боковой и центральный электроды обеспечивают лучшие технические характеристики и ощутимую прибавку в мощности со снижением расхода топлива до 5%. Тел. Инженера-консультанта в Молдове и в Украине Одесской обл. +37367119399, +380937906272.

Neodymium Magnet High Voltage Rotating Spark, arc, plasma
Neodymium Magnet High Voltage Rotating Spark, arc, plasma