Caliber SRT 13.32 1/4 mile at KilKare

Decided to see what this thing can do. Got one, and only one pass tonight. Ran: 2.187 60FT, 8.75 eighth, 13.321 @106.89 Time slip at Totaled mods are under $700 dollars. (three semi-major mods: map clamp, wga, ms1) Oh, and that was on the horrible stock all-season Goodyear RSA tires.

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Realtune Caliber SRT-4 11.62@128
Realtune Performance Caliber SRT-4

CSRT4 vs Challenger SRT8 1/4 m
My buddy in his Caliber SRT4 racing a Challenger SRT8 at our local track with me in the car lol, I was a little sick that day. So extra weight against the caliber

Caliber SRT4 Drag Racing
In-Car footage of my new personal best pass. I ran the pass without the WOT box because I couldn't get a consistent launch so I decided to shut it off and make a clean pass. Caliber clutch pedal is SUPER sensitive and triggers the box on the slightest touch of the pedal. There was also a very strong cross/head wind blowing all day which affected everyones times. Being able to powershift in the Caliber is a HUGE so making a 12.3 pass w/o the use of the wot box is great. I'd dare to say that w/ WOT box this could've been an 11s pass...

Caliber SRT-4 12.99 1/4 mile.
This is not my Caliber but a friend of mine Dave's. He let me take it down the strip a few times at the SRT Nationals 2010. The best I ran was a 12.92 this video was taken when I ran a 12.99. It was a blast and Dave's car is a BEAST. Launches with slicks MMMmmmMM mMMmm!