chris's video of destruction

A man and his dsm and the hell they go through. Car runs on e85, turbo is a fp3052, 9:1 c/r, bc 280 cams, shep dogbox transmission, 4 bolt rear, stock transfercase, stock front alxes, driveshaft shop rear axles.

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Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX (2.4L+HTA86+BC280)
Idle and walk around video of the "Panda"

2008 April : RoadAmerica : T5 Transmission test
Testing a new transmission setup I made for the car, using a Gforce straight cut, dog ring gear set in a T5 transmission housing. Turn the volume up to hear those gears!!!! This is still H-pattern shifting, not sequential, and still clutched-heel-toe downshifts, but only throttle-lift upshifts (no-clutch upshifts).

Supra MK3 Drag Dogbox 7MGTE
Testing of the R154 Dog Box sequential transmission with custom gear ratios. These are test runs with MODERATE Boost. Big thanks to the big guy 'Tony' from 'Johns Garage Perfomance Center' who built and tuned the 7MGTE motor from bottom up, this could not have been done without him! Thanks Twanny! P.S. after these 3 runs the Transmission from HighBoost performance Malta FAILED CATASTROPHICALLY and untill today the problem has not been resolved (after 1.5 years). Need not say anything else!

Palm Beach International Raceway C5 Zo6 Corvette, 99 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
Two of my friends who are both brothers at the track. Zo6 has Longtubes and a 75 dry shot on street tires. GSX is running an Forced Performance 3052 (GT3076R), DSM link, BC 272's, etc on 26lbs stock 7 bolt. GSX has ran a best f 11.72 @ 117 on a colder less humid day. Sorry the video came out a little weird with the transitions and music. Windows movie maker is giving me problems. Probably from the spyware that made it onto my pc. Hopefully this will be the last time I use movie maker. I'll be doing my editing with Adobe Premiere Elements from now on as long as my slow ass pc has enough ram to run it.