Eclipse gs-t spyder Vs. mustang cobra

my street tuned 1997 eclipse gst spyder vs. Mustang cobra. eclipse has a big 16g evo 560cc injectors ect. it is just street tuned by myself using a wideband and safc. the cobra was stock aside from Exhaust. from a 30 mph roll

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Mustang gt vs eclipse gsx
Mustang gt hellion turbo kit 10psi. Gsx 16g 23psi

Mustang vs Eclipse
1994 Mustang GT 5.0 vs 1996 Eclipse GSX AWD turbo.

GSX vs 5.0 Mustang
Richmond Dragway season-opener. Record 1/4 mile pass. Still not using no-lift-to-shift. Also made a record 1/8 mile pass this day but broke out like crazy because my car keeps getting faster without making any changes. I don't know how, but that's what's up.

4g Eclipse GT vs Mustang GT V8
Eclipse Mods: Headers Exhaust CAI Mustang Mods: Exhaust CAI