ACDC ; AirCoolDaysCarlstad 2009 By Törner Productions

VW meeting, july 2009 Meanbugs gettogether in Karlstad, Sweden. By Törner Productions.

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FUSCA turbo DU [2]

The Beetle Bug
A celebration of the VW Beetle, looking into the history and astonishing coincident that lead to its results after World War I. Voiceover Peter Baker With Steve Berry, Chris Goffey, Robin Wagner, Chris Barber and guests Norman Prophet, Brian Burrows, James Gordon, Andy Donnelly, Andy Francis, Neil Davies, Terry Sayers, Paul Wigan, Steve Reynolds, Paul Buckett and Richard Dawson. Originally aired on Men and Motors TV channel.

Volksbrothers Tv-3-A
Progama Volksbrothers Tv. en canal 4 de Gdl. Volksbrothers Tv. cada progama estara en 3 partes este es el progama 3-A osea primera parte del progama 3

Arrancadão Antônio Prado
Arrancadão em Antônio Prado.