PSX Longplay [127] Explosive Racing Played By: ScHlAuChi A follow-up to Burning Road - which is another mediocre arcade racer, but i little bit better! I had to add the audiotracks manually, so they might be in the wrong order!

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Side By Side Special 2000, PS1 racing game
An excellent arcade racing game from Taito. Such a shame it never left Japan. If you can play Japanese games on your system, I urge you to import it, it's almost entirely in English. Just make sure to get the Special 2000 version, that's the only one that supports analogue controls using the neGcon.

Future Racer 2001 Gameplay
Just a gameplay of my favorite game a couple of years ago. The game is by Midas (2001)

Need for Speed II - Mystic Peaks
A two lap, full grid single race at Need for Speed II's Mystic Peaks track in the Lotus GT1. This is the original Playstation version, released by Electronic Arts in 1997.

Ps1 Explosive Racing Part1 Insane Track
Ok lets play some Explosive Racing! Explosive Racing is a racing video game published by FunSoft and developed by Toka for the PlayStation in 1997 and your never guess but its a the sequel to Burning Road. Basically a number of drivers compete in an illegal, worldwide racing tournament and like many of these other games there are no rules as to conduct the only stipulation is that the vehicle they are driving has wheels and an engine. The game is single player only which is a shame I think unless you got a link cable in which case a two-player race in Link Mode may be carried out. The player takes control of one of six characters provided Tina, Angus, Garcias, Max, Muzak or Iraki, who yo me seem like all nutters each of whom drives either a car, a truck or a motorcycle. This crazy world wide contest consists of unfortunately only five levels. As with most of these games after the initial levels have been completed, each level must be played again in reverse or (mirror mode). Apparently when this has been completed, the levels must be played again but this time added to the game the police give chase and the player must avoid being arrested for breaking speed laws. And thats Explosive racing as you can see sometimes we enjoy recording a playthrough or just some general gameplay of old forgotten retro games from our childhoods. Normally games that are atleast over 10 years old and recording our gameplay reactions to what some may call the decate of difficult gaming. We hope that this will inspire many younger gamers to buy and try these games out for fun, to respect these classics for what they have today, we also hope to bring in new light and adventure to these old games and get their names out there as some retro classics are very much forgotten or just not very well known. Enjoy! For more on Explosive Racing Go: To share this video: #explosiveracing #playstation #ps1 #scotland #angus #credits #funsoft #championship #toka