PSX Longplay [127] Explosive Racing Played By: ScHlAuChi A follow-up to Burning Road - which is another mediocre arcade racer, but i little bit better! I had to add the audiotracks manually, so they might be in the wrong order!

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Side By Side Special 2000, PS1 racing game
An excellent arcade racing game from Taito. Such a shame it never left Japan. If you can play Japanese games on your system, I urge you to import it, it's almost entirely in English. Just make sure to get the Special 2000 version, that's the only one that supports analogue controls using the neGcon.

PSX Longplay [126] Burning Road Played By: ScHlAuChi Mediocre arcade racer, but not too bad! I had to add the audiotracks manually, so they might be in the wrong order! Theres also some slight graphics glitches!

Review de merde #1124 : Explosive Racing [PS1] Partie 1/2
#1124 : Une IA explosive ? Partie 2/2

BURNING ROAD 2 Playstation 1997
X-Racing or Explosive Racing is actually the sequel to Burning Road. French developer Toka's second installment features more variety of cars, motorcycles and even a tow truck! Better graphics and interactive tracks make for an even more exciting gameplay! Keywords Drifting drift powerslide Sega Outrun Need For Speed I II III IV V VI Test Drive Unlimited TDU 1 2 3 4 5 6 Ultimate Pro Kalisto Scotland track GP Grand Prix Superbike Challenge Harley Davidson jump and run Manx TT Hero Super Hang-on Hang on Rally Namco Nintendo excite bike Virtua Racing Redline Racer bike excitebike Amiga Mindscape simulator No second prize atari RVF Honda Saturn GP VS Motorcross Prime Mover AMA Taito Suzuki Road Rash 3DO Jacked Mach Rider PCSX Abandonware Indian Alarm für Cobra for Rave