Pontiac Vibe Toyota Matrix supercharged

2003 supercharged Vibe with TRD cai, JP hedder, 2.5" Exhaust with a 24" resonator and a Magnaflow race cannister muffler with damper installed. It's still not HOA-approved :)

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supercharged vs. supercharged vs. xrs matrix
pretty good vid but not mine

Volo Performance VP12 chip install on a Toyota Matrix
For more info visit http://www.GreenFuelH2O.com Install of a Volo VP12 stage2 performance chip.

06 Pontiac Vibe AWD Turbo
The first and only AWD turbo Vibe. Why? Because, that's why!

Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Matrix Transmission Filter and Fluid Change
Changing the transmission filter and fluid in a 2005 Pontiac Vibe. Similar to to the 2003-2008 Pontiac Vibes and Toyota Matrix. The one in the video is a 2 wheel drive, the all wheel drive version has a different transmission due to the addition of a transfer case. This video highlights key parts of the fluid filter change. Aim to help those that change their own engine oil, to better understand the simplicity of changing the tranny filter and fluid. Video also highlights the importance of this often overlooked automotive servicing. Correction: In the first steps, use the pan drain plug to remove accessible oil. Omitted this important step when putting the video together.