Pontiac Vibe Toyota Matrix supercharged

2003 supercharged Vibe with TRD cai, JP hedder, 2.5" Exhaust with a 24" resonator and a Magnaflow race cannister muffler with damper installed. It's still not HOA-approved :)

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supercharged vs. supercharged vs. xrs matrix
pretty good vid but not mine

06 Pontiac Vibe AWD Turbo
The first and only AWD turbo Vibe. Why? Because, that's why!

Pontiac Vibe Toyota Matrix Exhaust Clip
custom Exhaust on 2003 pontiac vibe. no muffler just a pipe that snakes back to a 5 inch tip. this is just a short sound clip i havent done anything else performance wise but i plan to lower the car with a sportline racing coils, and i plan to put a turbo kit on, and add a cold air intake. ( not in that order)

Corolla TRD supercharger
This is a polished Supercharger for a 1zz-fe (9th gen 2003-2008) corolla/matrix/vibe. Posted because I am trying to sell this polished Supercharger. As far as I know, it is one of a kind. I have not seen or heard of another one.