Carrier Trikes Mud Drag FJ600

FJ600 Yamaha turned into a mud drag trike.

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Carrier Trikes Mud Drag #2
FJ600 into a mud dragger

Who said Tricycle Bikes are for road use only?
Awesome Thailand! Trike bikes are used for farming!

Hayabusa 1000 Trike Offroad Drag Racing
Hayabusa 1000 converted into a offroad trike, Drag racing on a dirt track in an open class. oops... I misspelled Hayabusa in the video lol... Oh well, everyone knows what it is.

Yamaha Xj900 trike first test drive
First test drive , of my xj900 using ford sierra diff and shafts , diff has to be up side down Ignore the camber lol