Twin Scroll HX35 Response and Street Manners

Twin scroll hx35 dsm response and street manners

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HX35 Turbo Upgrade Part 01 - Speed Density
Upgrading the turbo on my Eclipse to a Twin Scroll HX35! Step 01 - Tuning - New video in 2 weeks! We're installing Speed Density with our ECMLink / DSMLink tuning software. We'll be using a Omni 4-bar MAP sensor and GM IAT sensors to log our Boost and manifold pressure. - detailed Jafro tutorial!

HX35 TSI vs 20G STI
HX35 TSI vs 20G STI. TSI on 27psi, and SUBY on 20psi. Video of a few races. Highway rolls and low mph rolls. GOOD RACES.

HX35 KA24DET High Boost Setting - 20psi

Moms reaction to Saab 9-5 Aero with HX35 turbo.
After finishing a huge turbo upgrade on his Saab 9-5 Aero we take his mom for a little ride