How To Adjust Holley Carburetor Vacuum Secondary Springs

Holley offers some tips on how to properly operate and adjust four-barrel carburetors with vacuum secondary throttle blades. The video describes the various rate secondary springs, how to change them, and the testing procedures to follow to make sure the secondaries open properly for best performance.

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How To Adjust The Accelerator Pump On Holley Carburetors
How-to adjust the accelerator pump on Holley carburetors to avoid stumbling and hesitation upon acceleration. Tips include: How to check for the clearance between the accelerator pump diaphragm arm & operating lever; how-to select the correct accelerator pump nozzle size, and accelerator pump cam selection and installation. Additional information can be found on Holley's website:

Holley Carburetor Tuning Secondary Circuit - Summit Racing Quick Flicks
Norm walks you though how to properly adjust the secondary circuit on a Holley 4 Barrel Carburetor. Vacuum Secondaries or Mechanical Secondaries it doesn't matter, Norm has you covered and achieving that top end speed. Find everything you need for your Holley Carburetor at

Holley Carburetor set up and install tips and tricks Episode 218 Autorestomod
We take an out of the box 670cfm Holley Street Avenger from Summit Racing and explain the functions, tune it in and plop it on our 1969 Fairlane with a 351 Cleveland. We also give driving impressions. Thanks for watching! Home page: Rate, ask questions, we are very good about responding! Jeff Ford Contact: Sponsor: Parts: Holley Aluminum Street Avenger Carburetors: 0-83670 Summit Racing® Fuel Feed Lines: SUM-G3100

Holley 750 cfm 4150 Rebuild A to Z with a Percy's Adjust-A-Jet Addition Vacuum Secondary
Pretty typical vacuum secondary Holley rebuild. Newer Holley carbs come with power valve blow out protection. This is a old carb.