1966 Chevy II Stock Eliminator

I/S 1966 Chevy II at the 2008 St. Louis National Open

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10 sec Chevy II
qualifying pass at infinion raceway. 10.61@127mph

Stick Shift Impala NHRA Stock Eliminator
My 1968 396/325 now I/S NHRA Stock Eliminator 1968 Impala. 4095 lbs best et in I/S 11.71 best MPH 117.11 Original L72 427 car, still have motor.

Grumpy Jenkins cranking up Old Reliable
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

NHRA A/S National Record Holder
Bob Gipson's 1965 Corvette A/S NHRA stock eliminator national record holder driven by Jim Schaechter