ECS Tuning: E92/E93 Front Lip Spoiler Installation

Front Lip Spoiler available here: Are you looking for that M-Tech look without the OEM expense? ECS has the solution for you. This M-Tech replica front valance is manufactured to genuine specifications. Made from flexible ABS plastic, the fit and finish will have your car looking like a factory M-Tech. Must be painted to match the color of your car. This tutorial is provided as a courtesy by ECS Tuning. Proper service and repair procedures are vital to the safe, reliable operation of all motor vehicles as well as the personal safety of those performing the repairs. Standard safety procedures and precautions (including use of safety goggles and proper tools and equipment) should be followed at all times to eliminate the possibility of personal injury or improper service which could damage the vehicle or compromise its safety. Although this material has been prepared with the intent to provide reliable information, no warranty (express or implied) is made as to its accuracy or completeness. Neither is any liability assumed for loss or damage resulting from reliance on this material. SPECIFICALLY, NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY IS MADE OR TO BE IMPLIED WITH RESPECT TO THIS MATERIAL. In no event will ECS Tuning, Incorporated or its affiliates be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, consequential or compensatory, arising out of the use of this material.

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Universal All-Fit Lip Kit Installation Instructions Do It Yourself DIY Splitter Spoiler
The All-Fit Lip Kit made by All-Fit Automotive Installation Instructions All-Fit Automotive, L.L.C. strives to offer the highest quality parts at affordable prices. In the rare occasion of a problem arising, we must issue this Terms and Conditions of use. Under no circumstances shall All-Fit Automotive, L.L.C. (AFA), and/or its agents, owners, or employees, be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential damages that result from, or arise out of the use of, or inability to use, the information contained on or received through use of this site, or any services or products received, issued, or sold by AFA through this site or any means of transference. AFA shall under no circumstances be held liable for any denial of warranty service by the automobile manufacturer, dealer, or any separate warranty issuer. The issue of the warranty carries responsibility for any and all denial of warranty service or damage to vehicle, even if the denial or damage is directly resultant of AFA products, services, or information. This is a binding agreement between AFA and the consumer of AFA products or services, effective at the time of sale or transference of products, information, or services from AFA. We cannot and do not offer a warranty due to the nature of our product.

How to Install a Front Lip Spoiler - BMW 335 M-Tech Aero Lip DIY E92/ E93
Tara installs an Aero lip to the front bumper of her BMW 335i hardtop convertible (E93).

How to cheaply modify an E92 BMW 3 series in 15 minutes!
DISCLAIMER: Do not attempt to modify your BMW in this way, You'll probably damage it... It was just a bit of fun. Tutorial on how to change the kidney grills, add splitters, change lights (nope) and add a boot spoiler. These subtle and cost-effective changes make all the difference to this BMW. Links for parts I used (cheapest off ebay) Bulbs for white Halos- E-LUX-V4-HALO-RINGS-DIPPED-/261131848067 These painted parts arrive from China really quickly (2 or 3 days) but you have to pay about £20 customs Splitters: plitter-PP-328i-335i-Pre-LCI-/231463238121 Spoiler: K-SPOILER-WING-ABS-330i-335is-/231459006897 Gloss Black Kidney Grills: oss-Black-Kidney-Grill-Grille-/252506194693 Number plate bulbs if you want: OR-BMW-3-SERIES-E92-E93-06-12-/281833104648?hash=item419e8fe508:g:kn4AAOSw~ bFWJTt1

Continueing my modification (rice) of my BMW. This time we changed the front bumper. If you plan on modifying your BMW or any other car in the near future, you might want to take our troubles into consideration before you start. Add me on Social Media! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: fooji_mooji