V8 Supercars Australia 2010 Homebush Race 1

Closing stages of Race 1 Homebush

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Top 30 V8 Supercar Crashes of the Last Decade by Yearly Top Threes NO MUSIC
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Come on up to the House - Rockwiz National Tour
Rockwiz National Tour SBS

V8 Supercars - Sydney Telstra Homebush 500 - Whole Field Crash Live
Amazing scenes as the top three in the championship, along with almost the entire field, crash out at turn 5 and cause a massive pile-up and almost block the track when on slick tyres on a wet track. FaCeBoOk: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pages/Rainbowsmakemehappy/1671821133072 45 (I know, that whole half-caps-half-not thing is so frustrating... but I need more fans on it!! Lols)

Australia's V8 Supercar Championship Series witnessed one of its most spectacular accidents at the start of the first Sunday race at the Trading Post Perth Challenge at Barbagallo Raceway on Sunday May 2, 2011. After stalling on the grid, Fair Dinkum Sheds Racing's Karl Reindler was slammed into by VIP Petfoods Racing's Steve Owen, the fiery impact was at close to 150 km/h in third gear and an impact that registered 37 g-forces. The massive impact ruptured the fuel cell and massive fire ball engulfed both cars. Despite suffering superficial second degree burns to his hands as well as minor burns to his face and lower legs, Reindler is expected to make a quick recovery. Owen suffered bruising and is well on the way to a full recovery.