Choosing a 12V Air Compressor

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435 psi (30 bar) Compressor from a Refrigerator Motor
Channel Page: Twitter: Google + : How to make a silent and high pressure air compressor from the motor of a refrigerator. You have to braze a piece of brass to the output pipe in order to have 1/4 GAS thread to connect fittings. I has, of course, low flow, but high pressure. It is dangerous to work with such pressures so a lot of caution is needed. It would be a good idea to put the compressor inside a box or cage and to work with goggles or better with a face shield.

PowerTank Inflation Shootout
What's the best way to reinflate tires after off roading? When you hit the trails, it is best to air down tires for improve tire traction, ride quality and reduced chance of tire punctures. When you get back to the highway, you need to inflate your tires back to optimum pressure for road driving. In this video, we comparem a Viair twin compreesor on-board air system to a nitrogen bottle and the 15 pound PowerTank CO2 system. Does the PowerTank really save time? Is it a good investment? Watch the video to find out!

Air compressor comparison: 12-volt | Gear | 4X4 Australia
4x4 Australia’s Mark Allen assembled 12 of the most popular 12-volt air compressors on the market to find out which is the best one for carrying in your 4x4. Subscribe to 4X4 Australia 4X4 Australia has been the off road enthusiast’s bible since 1979, bringing its dedicated readers the most reliable 4x4 vehicle reviews, outdoor recreation product evaluations, and off-the beaten track destinations and expeditions. More dependable than a LandCruiser; with more grunt than a Hemi Wrangler, and tougher than a Nissan Patrol – 4X4 Australia delivers the best 4x4 action and information for the keen explorer. 4x4 Australia | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Get the mag | Join the conversation: #4x4australia