Choosing a 12V Air Compressor

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Ebay Air Compressor 12v
A quick look at a 150L 12V Portable Heavy Duty Air Compressor. Here it is, pumping up my spare 4x4 tyre (different size wheels on the vehicle..slightly) These are sold under various brand names and even ( I believe) sold at super cheap auto. I could be wrong here but they look identical. See for yourself and YOU be the judge.

Air Compressor Money Saving Tips Idea's & Setup
I'm not a big fan of these new inexpensive air compressors. This video should be helpful to setup a entire quality system without spending a lot of $. Chose wisely, then your setup will last you a lifetime. How did you like my cutting torch tip? Actually I found it hard to believe when the vendor told me that the same size tank lasts 5 times longer. That WAS totally true and it even costs less! One last FYI. That shutter door motor is NO longer available from Granger. Other venders still show some yet. The Dayton P/N is 2C831B and it was for 10 to 36" single panel wall shutters. (Exhaust fans, etc.) I hope you gained some knowledge from my video and Thank You for watching! Jeff

How to Choose an Air Compressor does an category overview on Air compressors. We take a look at the different options on the market and things you should consider when deciding on an air compressor. For more information on air compressors or to compare them side by side, visit us online at

How to Maintain an Air Compressor
Learn how you can service your own air compressor by following these simple steps. Helpful tools include a phillips-screwdriver and a wrench. Get replacement parts for your air compressor here: For other replacement parts, visit: SUBSCRIBE AND NEVER MISS ANOTHER VIDEO! CONNECT WITH US! Google+ ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Linkedin ► eReplacementParts ► THANKS FOR WATCHING! Don't forget to LIKE and SHARE this video to help pass along helpful information to your friends! Your feedback and inquiries are also welcome so let us hear what you have to say with a comment below.