00 Honda civic si Vs Acura integra Gsr

this is a different video now. in the video it is a Black 00 em1 vs same Gsr from the first video. em1 (b16a2) vs Dc2 (Gsr motor) hater comments can go fuck off and white people with v8s and go talk trash on some other video. enjoy and thank you

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10 Things You Didn't Know About The Honda/Acura Integra
So you think you know A lot about the Integra? Think again! This is the 10 things I found most people do not know about the 3RD GENERATION Honda/ Acura Integra. http://www.integratyper.org/specs/usdm-type-r-sales.htm Follow Me On Instagram @Mitonfilms Song: Can I-Prod.By Lawlzy http://www.shadowedsounds.com/ ___ Surprise Upload. New Series Coming soon! (Not Project Integra Related)

Civic si vs gsr
Civic vs gsr.... Camera was zoomed in.....i was comin out the gas station n saw a clean black si... So i followed n then we took off.... Stay white bro!!!!!

2000 Honda civic si Em1 VS 95 Acura integra Gsr 1/8th mile GO PRO
1/8th mile race. I run consistant 10.5's at 68-72 mph. I pulled one 10.2 at 72 mph with just a catback and aem short ram intake 165k miles on original engine and trans.

Turbo Civic Hatch vs Turbo Integra
turbo Civic Hatch vs turbo Integra