Darrel's 1967 fastback mustang

My uncle's 1967 fastback

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mega mustang
super Mustang

CRAZY old man RIPS on his 1967 fastback mustang
Specs: Ford Racing 342 Stroker. Naturally aspirated. 4 speed top loader Full roll cage pretty simple Now see the old man take a corner... http://youtu.be/RAMJpc35MaE Check out my other vids for more crazy old man...

1948 Chevy and 1967 Mustang fastback rollin down I-74 somewhere in Indiana.
Chubby Dicks Chop Shop rollin hard and low in shop truck. Got some short footage of Southside Scapers driven to a show in southe east Indiana. Makin friends with the pavement. we build them to drive!!!!

1967 Mustang Fastback - Great Night For a Car show -Downers Car Show
An evening with a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback