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07 Saturn Ion Borla pro-xs Muffler

07 Saturn Ion Borla pro-xs Muffler


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Toyota Corolla S Borla Pro XS

2011 Toyota Corolla S Borla pro xs muffler
A sound clip of my Corolla S with the Borla pro xs muffler

Borla Pro XS - 2010 Corolla S
Just installed my Borla Pro XS muffler on my 2010 Corolla S. This video was taken right after I got home from the muffler shop, the car had just been washed as well. The tone of the Exhaust is much much deeper now that it has been broken in and it sounds very nice.

Chevy Aveo Unichip Tuned 20-120 Km/h Borla Pro Xs Muffler
Acelerando el aveo un poco para mostrárselo a mi hermano jeje. Mi hermano grababa el video desde su celular. Aveo 1.6L, 4cil,16 valves Mods: Filtro de Aire Bicónico Simota Racing, intake corto, resistencia de 10Kohm en el sensor IAT, bujías Bosch 4+ Iridio-Platino, cables de bujías MSD de 8.5 mm, Header, tuberia de escape de 2", Muffler Borla Pro Xs de 2" entrada/salida y Unichip versión Q.

Mitsubishi Lancer Borla Dual Exhaust
Removed the stock Exhaust from a Mitsubishi Lancer and installed a Borla Pro XS muffler, y-pipe, and two stainless tips making it a dual Exhaust. A nice deep and loud sound.

2006 Pontiac GTO Borla Pro XS
Don't mind my Darth Vader breathing. Short video of my 2006 GTO, ~8600 miles, M6, K&N Typhoon, Stainless Works LT Headers, X Pipe, 2.5" Stainless plumbing out to a Borla Pro XS. Uploaded this video because I couldn't find any GTOs with a similar setup and I was hesitant at first but it suits very well. Drone isn't AWFUL at cruising speeds but there is a bit.

Checking the max speed on my saturn ion
well when doing the test ... a bmw wanted to try to race me ..... i showed him MUAHAHHAHAHA ... MUAAHAHHAHAHAHA ... ussally bmw's have locks at 110... alll you gotta do is cruz at 120 mph ... and point and laght .... my car only came with one lock ... its at at 7,200 rpms ...... heheheh i dont know if you notice ,.. im going above the 6500 redline mark ??? tanks hp tunners :)... well the test showed me that my spoilior is holding me back 20mph ... hey .. gotta live with it ... its worth the extra control !

06 Toyota Corolla Xrs with custom weld Borla ProXS muffler
re do of my first video, first rev at 5 rpm, second rev at 7 1/2 rpm, third rev at 4, 5 rpm, final rev at 7 1/2 rpm.

2010 Camaro V6 rev
Injen short ram intake, BBK ceramic coated longtube headers, BBK highflow cats, Borla ProXS mufflers, Magnaflow double walled 4" tips More infos: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3884604

Borla Pro XS 4.7 Magnum Durango-1
Borla Pro XS 4.7 Magnum Durango-1

2004 Saturn ION Moroso muffler
2004 Saturn Ion 2.2 with Tsudo cat-back, LSJ downpipe, Moroso spiral flow muffler

Sonata V6 Borla Muffler 2
Turn your speakers wayyyy up! - 100 degrees w/ AC on! 2002 Sonata V6 2.7 (2002-2006 Tiburon GT motor) Took out the stock airbox and restrictive tubing and replaced it with a cheap Spectre cone filter. Got rid of the heavy and very quiet stock muffler and put on a Borla XS-Pro 2.5 muffler. Half the size of stock, half the weight, very throaty and deep under acceleration but quiet as stock at idle and while cruising. Kept stock piping (2.5"), resonator and cat to keep it from sounding to ricey. No drone like my old magnaflow and doesn't wake up the neighbors like flowmaster. Nice job Borla!

2010 Corolla S Borla Pro XS Injen CAI Interior rev

2011 Mustang 5.0 borla
I have a BBK x pipe. No resonators Borla pro xs mufflers. Not a permanent setup. Probably will go with stainless works down the road.

Mustang gt Borla Pro XS,Pypes O/R X
1999 Gt,Weld-in Borla Pro XS mufflers,Pypes Offroad X-pipe

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